Current Unplugs Keith Olbermann

Maybe Keith Olbermann should have given more thought to setting up his own outlet following his departure from MSNBC (NSDQ: CMCSA) last year.

How profitable is Glenn Beck’s new web TV venture?

Is Glenn Beck ready to make $100 million with his new subscriber-only web TV venture, or is he barely breaking even? The answer depends very much on who you ask. However, Beck’s numbers don’t look all that bad when compared to some new cable TV properties.

The Young Turks–MSNBC dispute is a cautionary tale

This week’s drama between The Young Turks creator and host Cenk Uygur and MSNBC has a sad tinge of inevitability to it, given the compromises required by the mainstream media. The major twist is just how loudly Uygur is raging against his former employer.

Current bets on Twitter and web video for Olbermann show

Keith Olbermann’s return to cable television is aided by a full-blown Twitter campaign, aiming in part to get potential viewers riled up that not every cable provider carries Current. Viewers will also get to see clips of the show on iTunes, Hulu and YouTube.

Keith Olbermann Is Back, Thanks to Online Video

Contractual rules prevent from launching Keith Olbermann’s daily show until late spring, but that doesn’t stop the former MSNBC commentator from going in front of the camera. Olbermann posted a few clips on his own site this week, drumming up support for his upcoming show.

Olbermann, Conan and the Age of Digital Celebrity

Keith Olbermann is back thanks to Current TV, granting him more independence but less access to viewers, with 25 million fewer households than MSNBC. But Conan O’Brien’s journey from broadcast TV to cable might show how Olbermann can keep his brand vital on a smaller platform.