Want to be a news baron? 2013 could be your year

Some famous newspaper titles are going on sale next year. Meanwhile, as analyst Ken Doctor reports, regulators will re-examine rules that limit cross-ownership of media platforms.

The Atlantic’s Quartz is here at last but will it pay?

The Atlantic launched Quartz today, one of a growing number of digital publications targeted at elite business readers. The new publication is available for free — a move that could disrupt the handful of business publications that have succeeded with high price digital subscriptions.

Why investors might buy a News Corp publishing spinoff

News Corp’s share price is soaring as investors cheer reports that the giant company is planning to spin off its $8 billion publishing division. News Corp analysts we talked with, not surprisingly, like the idea of a restructured News Corp — but interestingly, they’re also optimistic about the prospects of a stand-alone publishing corporation.

Why Warren Buffett is buying newspapers

The Oracle of Omaha acquired his hometown newspaper in January and just snapped up dozens more in a $142 million deal. This is supposed to be the fastest declining industry in America. What is Warren Buffett up to?

Can news publishers learn anything from Netflix?

Netflix is using price hikes to manage the transition of users away from the physical product and towards digital streaming. While there are some similarities between that and the newspaper business, publishers shouldn’t get their hopes up too much about copying the Netflix model.