Kentucky Derby Races Its Replay Onto YouTube

[show=kentuckyderby size=large]Some sporting events aren’t particularly well-suited for online video distribution. Football has too many stops and starts. A hockey puck is practically invisible on a YouTube screen. But horse racing, with its short run time and breathless action, makes for video that pops no matter the screen size.

So it seems almost natural that the Kentucky Derby would have a YouTube account, but nonetheless it’s gratifying to see that it exists, and has in fact existed since 2006. This meant that immediately after the race on Saturday, there was an official video available for those who had missed it — a video that’s officially viral today, having racked up half a million views since being posted.

And no wonder: The complete race is a tense three minutes of horse-powered excitement. Without the pre-race coverage introducing you to the horses and their jockeys, the context is a bit lacking, but the official commentary makes the action easy to parse. When the announcers declare that 50-to-1-rated Mine That Bird is the upset winner of this year’s Kentucky Derby, beating out the higher-ranked favorites this Saturday to take home $1.4 million in cash, it’s almost as thrilling as seeing it live.

The Derby’s YouTube account also archives notable races from its 135-year history, as well as videos capturing the culture that’s sprung up around the event. Read More about Kentucky Derby Races Its Replay Onto YouTube