Adobe CTO: Actually, Your MacBook Battery Will Be Fine

No, you don’t have to turn off Flash to save battery life of your MacBook Air, said Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch at NewTeeVee Live today. Lynch pointed out that Adobe has been doing a lot to optimize battery life and video playback on all platforms.

Adobe Declines to Come Out Swinging Against Apple

Though given the stage and the opportunity, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch declined to escalate his company’s fight against Apple to the level raised by Steve Jobs last week when he posted a 1,700-word anti-Flash screed on Lynch was polite but firm at Web 2.0 Expo.

Steve Jobs Labels Adobe’s Flash a Dying Technology, But Is It?

Steve Jobs has been bad-mouthing Adobe’s Flash once again, according to a recent Business Insider report. The Apple head honcho recently visited the Wall Street Journal to demonstrate the iPad. During his stay he allegedly criticized Adobe’s (s adbe) Flash technology, with the intent to move the popular broadsheet newspaper away from using the web display technology.

The report details that Apple’s CEO attempted to convince the Journal by downplaying Flash, describing it as a “CPU hog” that has “security holes.” He then added that Apple (s aapl) does not “spend a lot of energy on old technology” comparing Flash to other dead technologies, including Floppies, Firewire and even the humble CD. This continued dislike for Flash comes after Jobs downplayed Adobe’s technology at a town hall meeting with Apple employees earlier this month. Read More about Steve Jobs Labels Adobe’s Flash a Dying Technology, But Is It?

NewTeeVee Live: Adobe CTO: HTML 5 Is “Trying to Do What Flash Already Does”

Kevin LynchDespite standardization happening around HTML 5, the CTO of Adobe Systems (S adbe) told audiences at NewTeeVee Live that members of the W3C are just catching up to what his company has already developed. “It’s good to see innovation happening in HTML,” said Kevin Lynch. “There hasn’t been much happening in HTML in about 10 years. But a lot of that is trying to do what Flash already does today.”
The development of a video tag, which would enable the rendering of video in a browser without a plugin is being touted as one advantage of the new HTML standard. Some suggest that the tag could serve as a potential threat to Flash, Silverlight and other cross-browser, cross-platform video technologies. But Lynch said there are still issues with the standardization process, including the inability of W3C members to decide on a standard codec.
“Standardization already works around the video tag, but the format of video and codecs — those are not part of the HTML standard,” Lynch said. “What that means is that it’s up to browser manufacturers to decide on the video codec, which I see is a continuing advantage of Flash.” Read More about NewTeeVee Live: Adobe CTO: HTML 5 Is “Trying to Do What Flash Already Does”

Adobe’s Photoshop Express First Of Many Hosted Apps

Adobe has decided to jump on the free consumer service bandwagon with the release of its new Photoshop Express online photo organizer and photo editor. Because Adobe also will store the photos (up to 2 gigabytes), it’s also the first big test of Adobe’s custom-built hosting infrastructure.

In a conference call to demo the Express software (which is really sweet vs. what’s on offer from the photo-editing software that comes with a digital camera, Picasa, or even displaying photos via Flickr) Doug Mack, VP of consumer and hosted solutions, said Adobe had built out a hosting infrastructure to support Express starting a year ago. He declined to go into the costs of the system, but said Adobe would be offering even more hosted applications in the future.

So I called Adobe for more information. Read More about Adobe’s Photoshop Express First Of Many Hosted Apps