The grand ambitions of Google Ventures

Google Ventures is looking to become one of the top-tier VC firms in Silicon Valley, and hiring high-profile partners is part of the path to the top.

Cozy raises $1.5 million to make the landlord life a little easier

Cozy, the San Francisco-based startup for landlords, could bring a lot of ease to both landlords and tenants with its standardization of rental applications and monthly payments. The company has raised $1.5 million in seed funding to expand its renting-made-easier mission.

SmartThings’ Kickstarter project lets developers hack the real world

The Internet of Things should be its own category on Kickstarter, since there’s yet another project on the site that hopes to connect your physical and digital worlds. But its real promise may be in providing context to computers that will evolve into new user interfaces.

In Memoriam: Even in losing, how Digg won

Digg was one of the most iconic of web companies. In between its supersonic rise and meteoric fall, Digg changed the media landscape forever. And it did one more thing – it seeded many more startups by fostering talent. And in doing so, it lives forever.

Yes James, Good guys do win

Last thirty days have been nothing but full of twists and turns in tech-land. Maybe it is the “bubble” or maybe it is just an upcycle, but it sure is exciting. Here some events from today, that have one common theme: good guys do finish first.

Google Enterprise chief Girouard heads to startup

David Girouard, who led Google’s push into enterprise applications, is leaving the company for a startup called An eight-year veteran with the search giant, Girouard led Google’s push to take on Microsoft in desktop applications and email. Girouard posted the news to Google+ Friday.