QWERTY out, KALQ in: the new fast keyboard for touchscreens

A model that combines thumb movements with English-language tweets created a new keyboard layout to optimize thumb typing on tablets. Typing with KALQ was 34 percent faster than on QWERTY. A free Android app will be released in May.

Video: Which Zagg keyboard is right for your iPad mini?

I tested both of Zagg’s iPad mini keyboard cases and either is a nice accessory. There’s a difference in typing, however, due to the two sizes. That means you’ll have to figure out if you value portability or a better typing experience when choosing.

CruxSKUNK: A thin iPad keyboard case with a twist

Looking for a wireless iPad keyboard? There are plenty of choices on Kickstarter and this one has a slick feature: The hinge rotates 360-degrees allowing the device to double as a stand for touch input. If you want in, there’s not much time left!

As touchscreens dominate, Nokia survey says keyboard phones preferred

A Nokia Conversations survey suggests the U.S. alone prefers touchscreen devices for input while the rest of the world still wants a QWERTY keyboard. That’s ironic as touchscreens dominate the market and Nokia opted for numeric keypads in lieu of QWERTY for so long.

Banking on Windows tablets, Microsoft creates mobile add-ons

While a hot accessory alone won’t sell a mobile device, it never hurts to generate buzz and interest. Microsoft is doing just that by announcing relatively inexpensive and eye-catching new keyboards and mice for Windows 8 computers and tablets. One keyboard case doubles as a tablet stand.

Brydge keyboard turns iPad into a MacBook Air clone

There are no lack of Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad, but the newest one Kickstarter is impressive. Called Brydge, the wireless keyboard makes the iPad look like a MacBook Air. Backing starts at $150 and for $30 more you can get a Brydge with integrated speakers.

Logitech pairs a smart cover and keyboard for Apple’s iPad

Logitech introduced its newest iPad keyboard / cover combo on Wednesday and if you could imagine Apple designing such a product, this is what it would look like. The $99 accessory works with the iPad 2 and the new iPad, pairing a smart case with Bluetooth keyboard.

Touch typist’s dream keyboard comes to the Mac

Apple users who also type like the wind are in luck: Das Keyboard took the wrapper off a version of its impressive mechanical switch keyboard that’s designed for Macs. In addition to tactile feedback, the Das Keyboard for Mac offers special keys designed for Apple machines.

Kickstarter find: Keep your MacBook cool and your fingers flying

Kickstarter continues to impress as a go-to resource for accessories that tread somewhat off the beaten path. Two recent discoveries fit that description, and offer smart solutions for folks looking to shore up commonly cited iPad and MacBook Pro deficiencies, like keyboard complaints and heat management.

Why Nuance, a speech company, bought Swype

Voice-technology company Nuance Communications has confirmed that it has scooped up mobile text software provider Swype for $102.5 million, according to an SEC filing, adding Swype to its stable of voice and text input technologies. It’s just the latest pickup for Nuance.