Thoughts from the road


At long last I am sitting at the gate in the San Francisco Airport where I will soon be heading back to the old hacienda.  It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks with the long CES trip to Vegas, one day home and then out to San Francisco to meet with my buds at GigaOM.  Both trips were well worth the trouble and went down swimmingly but it’s time to be home for a bit.  I have not been in Mobile Tech Manor for a couple of weeks so had no columns during that time and I missed doing them.  Consider this a poor substitute but here are my random thoughts from the road in no particular order.

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Why the Tech Crash May Have Been a Good Thing

As we continue to slide into a dire economic correction, a silver lining is starting to emerge around the dot-com crash. By pushing a lot of froth out of the system several years ago, it has spared us from a true “Perfect Storm” of an economic crisis in 2008.

WoW 2.0: Lord of the Rings, Everquest Creator Challenge Warcraft

LOTR Online
So there’s two new fantasy MMOs with high name recongition launching now. Only three years ago, gamers and the industry would greet that announcement with at least a modicum of enthusiasm. Now the general reaction is more likely to be, “But… why bother?”
Sony Online’s Vanguard: Saga of Heroes went on sale yesterday, and the name recognition comes from its head developer: Brad McQuaid, who was also development lead on Sony’s Everquest, once the most popular US-based MMO for nearly five years. Now out in open Beta, Lord of the Rings Online has even more name recognition for obvious reasons.
With such big guns at play, you’d think World of Warcraft finally has some serious competition. You’d probably be wrong. At least one of the games is attempting some very interesting Web 2.0 implementations which may give it some traction, but that aside, I very much doubt Vivendi/Blizzard will need to worry about the market dominance of their franchise any time soon.
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