A land grab emerges over the connected thermostat

The connected thermostat is one of the hottest devices out of the Internet of Things that’s using a data connection to get smart software and to enable new types of services. It’s also getting a lot of attention from the latest Valley startups.

A quiet breakthrough in geothermal power tech

A startup backed by Google, Khosla Ventures, Kleiner Perkins and Paul Allen’s investment firm, called AltaRock Energy has delivered an important breakthrough for the next-generation of geothermal technology at a site in Bend, Oregon.

Has Ayasdi turned machine learning into a magic bullet?

By combining machine learning with stunning visualizations, Ayasdi thinks it has created a product that could revolutionize data analysis. Its software is the latest product that tries to make humans better at their jobs by taking away the guesswork of spotting correlations.

GigaOM’s top 10 cleantech posts of 2012

Show me — that’s the common thread in the top 10 most-trafficked GigaOM cleantech stories of 2012. Exclusive photos and videos of emerging clean power and electric car technologies lead the year. (OK, we’re not so surprised by that.)

Solar startup Stion raises $25M, but cuts costs, workers

Amidst rampant solar manufacturing bankruptcies, thin film solar startup Stion has raised a $25 million equity round, of a planned $55 million round. At the same time the company is cutting costs and laid off a small amount of workers.

Khosla and Condi Rice cozy up over emerging markets

Venture firms have a long history of partnering with high profile former politicians, to help grease the wheels of the regulatory frameworks. Khosla Ventures says it will work with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to help its startups in emerging markets.