Valve’s Portal 2 Early Release Promotion: Innovative or Crass?

Game maker Valve kicked off a promotion today that allows fans to force the early release of Portal 2 if they buy a bundle of 13 independent games through its online store. It’s an innovative idea, though the execution makes the effort feel a little crass.

New Kickstarter Project Redesigns the Stylus for the iPad Crowd

If you’re looking for the right stylus to use with your iPad, a new Kickstarter project might have the best option available — and at the best price, too, since what you end up paying is ultimately up to you thanks to an unusual funding decision.

Are You Ready for the New Peer-to-Peer Economy?

It’s unlikely you missed the big brouhaha between San Francisco-based startup Square and VeriFone, a payment processing services provider. VeriFone accused Square of not being secure and being easily hackable. Dorsey denied. This week’s dust-up makes me wonder if VeriFone quite understands its own business.

Napoleon Dynamite’s Jon Heder Embraces Kickstarter

Smooth move, Jon Heder: The actor best known for his role of Napoleon Dynamite is turning to Kickstarter to get funding for an animated short film he’s producing. That’s good news for Kickstarter, because Heder probably could have just called up a few Hollywood buddies instead.

Kickstarter Crowd-funding Hits $1M A Week

In a little less than two years, Kickstarter has helped thousands of artists and creative types raise millions of dollars for projects, validating a new form of crowd-based fundraising that’s opening the eyes of not only artists, but also technology leaders.

iPod Nano Watch Kits Nab Nearly $1M in Funding

Earlier, we reported that the TikTok and LunaTik watchband kits for the iPod nano had broken a funding record on Kickstarter. Well, fast forward to now, with the funding about to close, and the project has garnered more than $900,000 in funding.

iPod Nano Watchband Breaks Kickstarter Funding Records

An iPod nano watchband case design has broken records at community-funding site Kickstarter, earning more than $275,000 in one week. The design (or designs rather, since there are two slightly different models available), by Scott Wilson, transforms Apple’s latest nano into a stylish wristwatch.

Crowdfunding? Kickstarter Has Some Advice

So you want to “crowdfund” a project? How much should you ask people for? What kind of time frame should you be looking at? Kickstarter, a crowdfunding startup aimed at creative professionals, recently went through data on its successful projects and came up with some recommendations.

Olga Kay’s Circus Lacks Story, But Looks Lovely

YouTuber Olga Kay’s past life as a circus performer and juggler has lead the actress to team up with director Andrea Ball and producer Sarah Evershed to make the Kickstarter-funded Olga Kay’s Circus, a lushly-filmed short that claims to be YouTube’s first interactive circus.