Hulu gets more kids content, including Sesame Street in English and Spanish

Hola, Elmo: Hulu added a number of new shows to its Hulu Plus kids section Thursday, including episodes of the Sesame Street in English and Spanish, as well as shows like Strawberry Shortcake, Bob the Builder, Bratz and Angelina Ballerina. All of the content is on a non-exclusive basis, meaning that you’ll likely recognize much of it from Netflix (s NFLX) — but it’s nonetheless interesting that Hulu is continuing to invest in kids content, which seems to be working well for all online services. And adding Spanish-language titles to the mix is an interesting twist. Hulu launched its Latino offering in late 2011, and has since struck a number of deals to get content for its Spanish-speaking audience.

The Digits blends video and gaming to make math rock for kids

Creator Scotty Iseri describes his new educational interactive web series and app experience as “gamified narrative” — he also approaches it as a start-up. The Digits, available on Android and iOS, frames math concepts for the elementary school set.

Netflix ready to launch Wii kids UI — in Latin America

Wii owners, get ready for a dedicated kids’ UI on your Netflix app — provided that you’re one of the few hundred thousand people in Latin America who have subscribed to the local Netflix service. Support for Latin America’s PS3s will follow soon after.

Cord Cutters: Multiple queues for your Netflix account

Have your kids taken over your Netflix queue? Does your recently watched list look like the broadcast schedule of Nickelodeon? Then check out this episode of Cord Cutters for a closer look at a service that promises to sort your family’s Netflix favorites into separate queues.

Roku teams up with Disney for free kids content

Roku has teamed up with Disney to bring free video clips from to the company’s set-top-box. That’s good news for Jonas Brothers fans, but it should also help Roku to sell more of its hardware, thanks to the appeal of the Disney logo.

Netflix tests new web UI for kids. First look

Kids don’t need to be able to read to navigate Netflix’s website, thanks to a new and much simplified section with children’s content. The new UI isn’t available to everyone yet, but Netfix has looked into making its site more appealing to kids for some time.