ZuiTube is YouTube for Kids

Kidzui, the company behind the child-safe web browser of the same name, extended its online video experience with ZuiTube, a kid-friendly video destination site.
ZuiTube features a collection of 60,000 videos that have been approved for child viewing by Kidzui’s network of 200 parents and teachers from around the country. The videos are pulled from YouTube using its APIs. Kidzui monitors search and play activity through its service to determine what kids are interested in, from there it will go out and find kid-appropriate videos that match kids’ interests.
The company’s in a bit of a bind when it comes to content. Kidzui doesn’t have relationships with any of the big kids media companies like The Kid’s WB or Nickelodeon, so it’s video content is dependent on YouTube. If a video gets taken down from the video sharing giant, Kidzui no longer has access to it.
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KidZui: No Pornography Here

The launch of KidZui could be viewed as just another social network for kids hitting the market, or it could be seen as a victory of real-live people over the mighty algorithm. Time and the company’s success will eventually tell. Over the last two and a half years, KidZui has paid 200 parents and teachers to manually filter the adult Internet, distilling the world wide web down to 500,000 sites appropriate for kids.

The KidZui Internet is accessed through a browser designed by the company to reflect a child’s point of view and levels of interest. The goal is to get parents of kids ages 3 through 11 to sign up for $99 annual plans or $9.95-a-month plans. Those subscription fees (no ads) will support a staff of editors who will monitor where kids want to go outside of the KidZui sites, reviewing and adding those that are appropriate.

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