7 Stories to read this weekend

What a week in tech – the new iPad Mini and Microsoft Surface. And more is yet to come. Perhaps that is why you need a dose of non-tech refresh this weekend, so here are some pieces about Euro car crisis, Rio and Frank Sintara.

Kim Dotcom’s lawyer: “There has been a trail of illegality”

Kim Dotcom’s U.S. lawyer believes that the case against MegaUpload will eventually fall apart, in part because New Zealand’s police violated multiple laws when raiding Dotcom’s residence and arresting him.Dotcom is getting support from the EFF, who is suing on behalf of a MegaUpload user.

Judge steps down over U.S. ‘enemy’ comment in Megaupload case

The surreal global saga pitting the entertainment industry against a technology cult hero has taken a new twist. The judge presiding over the extradition of Kim Dotcom, founder of file-sharing site Megaupload, has stepped down over a controversial comment about US copyright law.

Sneak peek: This is Kim Dotcom’s new Megabox service

MegaUpload is still down, but its founder Kim Dotcom is apparently already working on the next cloud storage service. Dotcom shared a first sneak peek on his upcoming cloud music service MegaBox this week, promising free unlimited storage and a disruption of the music biz.