The Guild turns product placement into merchandising gold

Once upon a time, “The Guild” made fun of merchandising — but this year, to support ambitious plans for the show’s fifth season, a number of product placement deals were struck. And some of those deals have transformed into a wide assortment of merchandise available to fans.

The Guild’s a Go for Season 5 on Xbox

The iconic web series is set for a fifth season, thanks to the return of regular sponsors Microsoft and Sprint. But what’s in store for Felicia Day and her fellow gamers? Will there be another music video? And will this be the last season?

What Should Matter More on YouTube: Subscribers or Views?

The topic of view counts can be an incredibly controversial one in the web video world: They can be bought and sold, spun and manipulated. So maybe it’s worth asking this question: Is there a better metric for determining online success, such as YouTube subscribers?

Guild Star Launches Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour

Guild fans are more than familiar with Jeff Lewis’s particular brand of awkward humor, but how many have wondered how different Lewis is from the character of Vork. Based on the first episode of The Jeff Lewis Five Minute Comedy Hour the answer is… Not really.

5 Questions With…The Guild’s Kim Evey

If it’s Sunday, it must be another round of “Five Questions With…”! Today we focus on the multi-talented Kim Evey, who rose up from the L.A. comedy scene to create and star in the exceedingly awesome Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. Oh and she produces The Guild, that web series you might have heard about once or twice. Below, she preaches the virtues of niche-oriented content, and admits to an “inappropriate” love for the Gregory Brothers.

1. What’s the one big issue/law/attitude/restriction that you think is holding back the industry?

For web series in particular I would like to see people stop thinking in terms of old media models for driving viewership. Old media would have tried to change the pilot episode of The Guild to increase the show’s marketing appeal to whatever demographic it deemed the most likely for success (probably 18-34 year old male gamers). New media is the opposite — it’s niche marketing that allows instant access to people who build their own communities based on common interests, often regardless of demographics rather than because of them. Read More about 5 Questions With…The Guild’s Kim Evey