Amazon launches a weekly literary journal for Kindle, starting at $9.99/year

Amazon (s AMZN) on Wednesday launched “a literary journal for the digital age,” Day One (not to be confused with the journaling app of the same name), which will publish the work of one writer and one poet each week. An annual subscription will normally be $19.99 but is $9.99 for “a limited time.” Issues will be delivered automatically to your Kindle or Kindle app and “each issue of Day One includes a letter from the editor, as well as occasional bonus content such as playlists, illustrations, or brief interviews with the authors.”

This looks to be a way to introduce debut authors: The first authors and poets listed are those who’ve never published books before.

In furor over rape and incest porn, ebook retailers aren’t the only ones to blame

Self-published rape and incest porn available through ebook retailers is fueling media outrage in the UK. As a result, some retailers have taken drastic action. But the retailers aren’t the only ones to blame: Some self-published authors are also employing techniques to ensure that their books stay ahead of filters.

A new, faster Kindle Paperwhite will start shipping September 30

Amazon officially announced a new version of its front-lit e-reader, the Kindle Paperwhite. It starts shipping on September 30 and has a faster processor and an improved light. It also includes upgraded software features that could eventually be rolled out to older Kindles.