Look Ma! More Gesture Control Tech For Phones

Crunchfish, a Swedish app company, has built software for mobile phones that turns the phone’s camera into a mouse. It’s one of several efforts to bring gesture-control to phones, and an example of how far motion control technology has come in the last few years.

Will Microsoft’s Living-Room Quest Finally Pay Off?

Most of the digerati remain skeptical about Microsoft’s long journey to becoming a key player in the digital home will ever pay off. But recently the company has been swinging a hot bat, with its Xbox 360 and a legitimate holiday hit in the Kinect.

3 Reasons Microsoft’s Kinect Is Hot, Hot, Hot!

Microsoft is selling an average of 100,000 Kinect accessories per day, making it the hottest holiday seller this year. So why is Kinect capturing our imagination, and money, when Sony and Nintendo both have competing motion controls for their own systems? Let me show you!

Kinect Video: Parents Can Finally Win at Xbox Games!

Already selling 1 million units in 10 days, Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect controller is a hit. I can see why; it’s intuitive, fun, and it finally gives parents like me a chance to beat the kids in a video game, even if I look stupid doing it.

E3: Xbox Live Gets Exclusive ESPN Partnership, Video Chat

Microsoft today announced an exclusive partnership with ESPN at their E3 media presentation. Via Xbox Live, over 3,500 live sporting events in the first year will be available, many in HD. In addition, Xbox’s controller-free Kinect system will enable video chatting for Live users.