Cleantech VC and the state of the IPO market

Of greatest concern is that as financing for cleantech gets tight, the brightest startups will struggle to find early stage capital and those companies nearing the path to commercialization will find it hard to find scaling capital.

5 things the Reuters story on cleantech, Kleiner, and Doerr missed

Cleantech VC investing is hard and Kleiner Perkins has made some not smart bets in the sector. But the overall trends of population growth and resources management are still strong and most VCs have now learned new investing styles like to follow the clean web.

Khosla and Condi Rice cozy up over emerging markets

Venture firms have a long history of partnering with high profile former politicians, to help grease the wheels of the regulatory frameworks. Khosla Ventures says it will work with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to help its startups in emerging markets.

KiOR hits milestone of making biocrude in Mississippi

Next-gen biofuel company KiOR has started up production of its biocrude at its plant in Columbus, Mississippi. It’s an important advancement for an industry that’s had major delays and setbacks.

KiOR to start up next-gen biofuel plant next month

KiOR, a next-gen biofuel startup backed by Khosla Ventures, says it will turn on its first factory next month and will churn out diesel and gasoline made from biomass (plant waste, wood, etc) before the end of the year.

KiOR: Yep, still no revenues

In case you were wondering how KiOR, the biofuel company backed by Khosla Ventures, is coming along, the firm announced its fourth quarter and full 2011 year earnings on Monday. And yep, the company is still in a pre-revenue state.

The perils of cleantech investing: KiOR & the long term, high risk view

One of the difficulties with investing in cleantech startups is that investors sometimes need to take very long term views of the companies they back, despite that companies can be risky. Next-gen biofuel company KiOR is a prime example of this long term, high risk phenomenon.

Groupon’s $12.6B valuation compared to greentech (it’s sad)

Looks like Groupon will go public on Friday morning at $20 per share, giving it a valuation of $12.6 billion for its online coupon business. Let’s compare it to some of the greentech startups and big energy firms and try not to get disturbed.