KiOR Seeks $1B DOE Loan Guarantee

Khosla-backed bio-crude startup KiOR is seeking a $1 billion loan guarantee from the DOE. The company announced a term sheet Thursday, which may or may not lead to an award, but if secured, will be crucial to the company’s plans to scale up production.

Biofuel Loan Guarantee: USDA Backs Florida Bio Center

Yep, those USDA loan guarantees are still out there. INEOS Bio and its joint venture partner, New Planet Energy, announced this morning that they have received a $75 million conditional loan guarantee commitment from the USDA program.

Can Adobe Jump-Start the TV App Market With AIR?

Adobe is extending its AIR application framework across all three screens, including Internet-connected TVs. The announcement could give Adobe a huge leg-up in the race to deliver online games and video content to the living room, but it will need wide support from consumer electronics partners.