iPad Weekend Rumor Roundup: Apps, Books and Accessories

This is it, we’re in the final stretch. In a mere five days the iPad arrives. Now that we’re counting down the remaining days in single digits, all manner of ‘leaked’ information is pouring out of the tech blog rumor mill.

Vid-Biz: Hulu, Google, YooStar

Hulu No Longer Accessible on PS3 Browsers; trying to reach the site via the game platform results in the message, “Unfortunately, this video is not available on your platform. We apologize for any inconvenience.” (Engadget)

Google Invites News Sources to Become YouTube Partners; company says the 25,000+ sources already found in Google News are invited to share (and monetize) news video as official YouTube Partners. (Google News Blog)

YooStar Wants to Be the “Guitar Hero” of Movies; game lets users digitally insert a performance into a scene and upload it to the web. (Variety)

Dish to Launch Addressable Ad Service; satellite TV service partners with GroupM, will use Invidi to store targeted ads on set-top boxes, similar to the set up DirecTV announced recently. (MediaWeek)

Advertisers Experiment with Video Approaches; among them, TV.com testing a method where viewers earn credits to earn a commercial-free experience. (Ad Age)

Akamai and KIT Digital Enter into Strategic Alliance; marketing and sales agreement will have the two companies packaging and selling each others services. (release)