Klout aims for new targets with launch of Klout for business

Klout is moving to target a slightly new audience with its latest product: businesses. Klout for Business will allow corporate customers to measure their company’s influence on social media, moving Klout away from just targeting consumers.

Social media rankings: perceptive or pointless?

Companies are offering up social media and “web footprint” rankings on everything from celebrities to Supreme Court Justices. Some recent examples make one wonder if there’s a point to all this.

How researchers are letting us uncover secrets in social data

Thanks to the popularity of everything from social media sites such as Twitter to email to mobile phones, it’s easier than ever to get data about who’s connected to whom. With the right tools, we can apply it solve certain problems faster and easier than ever.

Who’s to blame for Twitter spam? Obama, Gaga and you

A new study has shown that highly popular Twitter accounts such as Barack Obama and Britney Spears may be inadvertently contributing to the swell of tweet spam — and that millions of users trying to increase their online influence may also play a major role.

Why Klout really matters: Money, money, money

Social media are a great source of information on consumer sentiment, but the next wave of analytics in social media will be influence. It’s easy to ridicule your friends and co-workers who are actually concerned with their Klout scores, but this stuff matters.

Why Klout is making its bed with Hadoop and … Microsoft

Look under the covers of almost any data-focused web application — including Klout — and you’ll find Hadoop. It helps Klout accurately measure and score its users’ social media influence. But Klout also has another important, and very not-open-source, weapon in its arsenal — Microsoft SQL Server.

Klout makes its first acquisition: Local-mobile app Blockboard

Klout, the San Francisco-based startup that measures people’s “influence” across a variety of social networks, has made its first acquisition with the purchase of Blockboard, a Twitter-like mobile app that functions as a community bulletin board for posting messages viewable to your neighbors.

Like it or not, the reputation graph is here to stay

Klout, the reputation-ranking service that recently confirmed a new round of funding, may not win the race to create a “PeopleRank” for the social web, but someone is going to do it — because the need to measure online influence is only going to increase.

It’s time to punish terrible viral marketing

Social startup Allthis found itself under fire this week for a viral marketing approach many people found spammy and invasive. But heinous though it is, its behavior is just part of a trend among new services to appropriate our online identities to power themselves.