What Is This Empire Avenue All About?

Depending on who you ask, social stock market Empire Avenue is either an empowering personal branding tool or another sign of the downfall of modern society. But according to the startup’s CEO, the company is based on a much deeper philosophy than meets the eye.

The Race to Build a PageRank for the Social Web Continues

As the race to build the social version of Google’s PageRank heats up, PeerIndex has added a new data source to its rankings: users can now connect their Quora profiles to the service, which will use their activity at the site as a measure of authority.

Should We Be Keeping Score on Twitter? Klout Thinks So

Klout has launched a Chrome extension that lets you see the Klout score of all the people you follow as you look at their tweets. But is that a good thing? At least for now, the Klout score is still something of a blunt instrument.

Klout Gets $8.5M to Create the Page Rank of the Social Web

Klout — one of a number of services that are trying to measure influence in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter — has closed an $8.5-million funding round from Silicon Valley powerhouse Kleiner Perkins, and adding Kleiner partner Bing Gordon to its board of directors.

What If You Were Paid Based on Your Klout Score?

Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff says the company tracks activity on Chatter, its internal Twitter-style social network, and gives employees who provide valuable information via the network extra compensation, in the same way executives are given bonuses for hitting sales targets. But is that a good idea?

Klout Adds Facebook Data to Its Influence Graph

As social networks become more popular, the challenge of finding relevance amid all the noise becomes exponentially harder. Klout, which is trying to build a comprehensive database of social influence online, says it is now integrating activity from Facebook into its service as well as Twitter.