Shareholder Activists Take On Web Privacy

A group of seven investment bodies, including the New York City PensionĀ Fund, have teamed up in an effort to get major U.S. Internet service providers to detail their privacy practices through the power of the shareholder resolution. As powers go, shareholder resolutions are far more about bringing change through public relations than via any financial coercion, but sometimes they really work.

The project is called the Open Media and Information Companies Initiative, and the goals of its campaign range from protecting free speech online to getting ISPs to document their network management practices for the public. So far the group has filed shareholder resolutions with the following companies: Read More about Shareholder Activists Take On Web Privacy

Google’s Death Knol For Some?

Google’s foray into social content, aka Knols, is a dangerous development for the likes of Wikipedia and Mahalo. It is also a sign that Google is finally beginning to show its monopolist claws. Google’s mysterious Page Rank system is what Internet Explorer was to Microsoft in the late 1990s: a way to control the destiny of others.