Kobo Bets on a Smaller, Touch-Sensitive E-Reader

Bucking the trend of e-readers that run apps like tablets, Kobo today announced a new device called the eReader Touch Edition. Priced at $129, the e-reader marries an e-Ink display with touch capabilities, but it’s not a touch screen. Instead, infrared sensors detect taps and swipes.

Kobo Rides the Shockwave of Interest in E-books

While Amazon and Apple have been the big beneficiaries of the wave of interest in e-books, a smaller player has also been growing rapidly: Kobo, which has its own e-reader and online bookstore, has close to 4 million registered customers, and growth continues to accelerate.

Borders Adds Kobo WiFi Version For $139

Borders is stepping up the competition with Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) and Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) by adding the Kobo 2, an eReader with WiFi fo…

Is Amazon The New Self-Publish Kingpin?

Fiction writer and e-book pioneer Joe Konrath makes a nice living for himself by publishing his own works through Amazon. That fact, among others, begs the question: Is the future of publishing actually one of self-publishing? And will Amazon be the new weapon of mass destruction that destroys the traditional publishing model?

Fairmont Hotels Offer Loaner e-Readers from Kobo

Bookseller Kobo has entered into an agreement with Fairmont Hotels to provide loaner eReaders to guests of its Fairmont Gold properties. Guests can pick up a Kobo eReader loaded with bestsellers from Random House to read for the duration of their stay at the hotel.

jkOnTheRun Review: Kobo Reader for Android

I may be the biggest fan of e-books around, and when I use a new mobile device the first thing I do is look for reader apps. That’s why I jumped on the Kobo reader app when it was released. It’s OK, but it lacks features.