Minus Pre-Rolls, Luck and the Virgin A Tight and Intriguing 60 Seconds

[show=luckandthevirgin size=large]If I were given the power to make rules about online video advertising, here’d be one of them: No pre-roll ad can be longer than, say, 20 percent of a video’s run-time. I do not have this power, though, and thus I am sad to say that of the four and a half minutes of video I watched this morning on Koldcast.tv, a minute and a half were dull and annoying Airwick commercials.
The other three minutes, however, weren’t that bad. Luck and the Virgin, currently running on Koldcast in English and on YouTube (s GOOG) in English with Spanish subtitles, bills itself as a 60 second soap, though the model in this case isn’t a traditional American soap opera, but instead a Mexican telenovela — a decision heightened by the choice of location, Mexico. In the first three episodes, we meet Valentina (Whitney Moore), an American who, due to some incredibly efficient storytelling, is already in serious trouble thanks to a former boyfriend, a misplaced bag and a life story’s worth of mysteries.
Luck and the Virgin chooses to be sparing with details, especially those that might explain why Valentina is down in Mexico, and creative with its construction of the show’s time line, leaning heavily on flashbacks and flash-forwards. But rather than proving frustrating, this heightens the mystery — the end result is the sense of watching only the most important moments of a drama, and trying to puzzle out how they fit together. The time investment required here is low, but and worth the result. Read More about Minus Pre-Rolls, Luck and the Virgin A Tight and Intriguing 60 Seconds

Thriller Tyranny Proves the Possibility of Low-Budget Sci-Fi

[show=tyrannyseries size=large]Before we understand where we’re going, we have to know where we’ve been — and why we know what’s going to happen. That seems to be the premise, anyway, behind the so-far intriguing sci-fi thriller Tyranny, which premiered last week on Koldcast.
Tyranny is slow to start thanks to an extended prologue/credits sequence, but after a minute or so we get down to business. Opening in Prague in the year 2011, we meet Daniel McCarthy (John Beck Hofman), whose use of technology to get a glimpse of the future has made him an outcast, the leader of a rebellion and a prisoner of Dr. Malik (Enrico Piazza).
Trying to sort out the credits on Tyranny might give you a bit of a headache, as the official site makes a big deal about how the series is the unfinished work of McCarthy, who “disappeared” in 2009, but had left behind enough raw footage for his friend Max to assemble. (In truth, Hofman, who is uncredited as the series star, is also its creator.) Read More about Thriller Tyranny Proves the Possibility of Low-Budget Sci-Fi

Vid-Biz: TV Everywhere, Discovery, Sex Tape

CBS’ Smith on Authentication: Not Anytime Soon; says “TV Everywhere” won’t get mass adoption until 2014 because of different distributor technologies, legal issues and metrics. (paidContent)
Discovery Launches iPhone App; features clips from Mythbusters, Man vs. Wild, Dirty Jobs and more. (emailed release)
“How do I keep my sex tape off the Internet?” As the Eric Dane/Rebecca Gayheart’s nudie tape hits the web, their lawyer provides some tips on how to keep yours private. (THR, Esq.)
Koldcast TV Launches Original Studio; company hires Marti Resteghini to head up Koldcast Studios, which will create programming for the network. (emailed release)
Blockbuster Putting Movies on Motorola Phones; “thousands” of films to be available on select mobile phones. (The Associated Press)
Samsung, Rovi Sign Licensing Deal; CE manufacturer will include Rovi’s on-screen guide in its products. (Video Business)