Google vs. Apple: The acquisition showdown

Apple and Google have both picked up multiple smaller companies in recent years, and even some larger ones like Motorola(s mmi), and both can afford to grab more. It can be hard to keep straight who bought what when, but this graphic should set things straight.

Apple Reportedly Closer to Cloud Music Label Partnerships

Apple users eager to see what the company has in store for cloud music may not have to wait long to find out, as Cupertino is said to have closed a cloud music licensing deal with EMI, according to Cnet, with other labels nearly on board.

Is Color’s Team Worth $41M, Even if Its Idea Isn’t?

A startup called Color has raised a whopping $41 million from a group of funds including Sequoia Capital. Is the company’s photo-sharing app worth that much? Probably not. The funding is likely just a bet that the team involved will eventually come up with something worthwhile.

Motives and Possibilities for a Big Apple Acquisition

The tech industry has a new favorite sport: guessing who Apple will buy with its $50 billion-plus cash hoard. Since October 18, when Steve Jobs mentioned the company was keeping its powder dry for possible deals, speculation over potential Apple acquisitions has run rampant and even includes household names like Sony and Disney.

Apple Pushes Forward With Streaming Video Plans

There’s new evidence that Apple will soon begin streaming video to its devices, as it’s reportedly putting more resources behind a cloud-based video service. By transitioning Lala’s employees to work on streaming video, Apple may be readying a new service for delivering movies and TV shows.

Cloud in the Forecast For Apple

Why shut down Lala if there’s no chance of launching an Because cloud-based media storage and retrieval is central to Apple’s long-term strategy, and Lala is central to implementing that plan.

Today in Connected Consumer

Apple has never said what it intended to do with Lala, the streaming music rental service it bought late last year. But the announcement today that Lala is no longer accepting new users and will shut down altogether on May 31 is fueling speculation that some sort of web-based version of iTunes will be announced shortly. Back in January, however, the CEO of, Michael Robertson, wrote a very interesting story suggesting that Lala would become more than simply a streamed version of iTunes but would form the foundation of a far-reaching cloud-based media strategy by Apple. Now that the media-centric iPad is a reality, Robertson’s piece is looking more prescient than ever.

Lala to Go the Way of the Dodo

Sorry, “web song” buyers: now says its service will be shut down on May 31. Whatever Apple is planning to do with Lala, the cloud-based streaming music service it acquired in December, it’s not going to keep the site functioning as it once did.

How Apple’s New Music Strategy Reflects a Paradigm Shift

Apple’s updated digital music strategy will reverse commitments to desktop software and ownership of music files. Here are five ways its acquisition and integration of Lala reflect a paradigm shift in the way mainstream consumers will listen to music in the coming decade.