Say hello to “GoNote”, an Android laptop you won’t likely want

Taking two successful products and combining them has to make one even better product, right? Not necessarily. Case in point: The $234 GoNote available in the UK. It crams Android 4.0 into a very low-end laptop and suggests that it’s just right for students. Not likely.

Chromebook Google Drive integration: Handy and slick

Chromebook owners have a new software update that adds Google Drive integration and offline Docs support Google previously announced. The newest Chromebook models also gain a firmware update while the original CR-48 models gain the new Chrome OS user interface and open source touchpad drivers.

Video: Why I’m enjoying Google’s newest ChromeBook

So I dropped $449 for a new Samsung ChromeBook 550 last week. And I can’t put it down! Why? Because once you don’t have native or third-party apps to rely on, you start to see a web that’s more powerful, and fun, than you thought.

How much will you pay for a Mac Retina Display option?

Based on an app in the Mac App Store gaining “Retina graphics” support, it appears that Apple will introduce higher-resolution Mac hardware next week. But the costly displays are unlikely to be in base models. How much would you pay for a Retina Display option?

Why the iPad is a salesperson’s best friend

Recent studies show that Apple’s iPad is doing very well in the enterprise, with new activations soaring. One company just deployed 1,300 of the Apple tablets across its sales force, because combined with the right software, it believes there’s no better tool a salesperson can carry.

Kickstarter effort turns netbooks into robots!

Got an old netbook? For a $225 Kickstarter pledge, you can turn a netbook into a telepresence robot, remotely controlling it over from a web browser or a smartphone. Over a web connection, you could even use the Oculus robot to speak with remote workers.

How the Internet of things could make the world safer and greener

The coming era of the “Internet of Things” has many implications for the tech industry. But the shift toward total connectivity could also have lasting impacts on the broader world, making it harder to commit crimes such as theft, and raising awareness about consumer waste.

6 ways to give your Mac a thorough New Year’s cleaning

Although it’s still winter, now is the time to do some spring cleaning on your Mac to help it run more efficient and reliably. Here are six simple steps to take that will get your Mac sparkly clean and running like new.

Intel’s dilemma: Whose problem do Ultrabooks solve?

At Intel’s CES press event, Ultrabooks were the focus, as were the six “experiences” these thin and light notebooks bring. But consumers are getting such experiences from smartphones and tablets, so who has a problem that could be solved by Ultrabooks? Intel itself comes to mind.

Vizio making PCs? Not as dumb as you think

With the industry in uproar and a good reputation in TVs, Vizio has picked a great (perhaps the greatest?) time in recent PC industry history to try to make its mark on the industry by taking an entertainment-focused, Windows-based approach to laptops and desktops.