iLap – Keep your lap cool


Let’s be honest, sitting in a chair or on a couch with a laptop sitting directly on your legs is just…painful. After extended periods of time the heat from the laptop just gets uncomfortable for everybody involved.

Previously I’ve just ended up sitting at a table or putting a book or something of the sort under the laptop to help with both the heat and the height so my wrists wouldn’t hurt.

After enduring this for a few weeks I decided it was time for a real solution so I picked up an iLap. The iLap helps raise the laptop a good 3-4 inches at the back so the keyboard is it a comfortable angle while it also keeps things off your lap.

It is made of sandblasted aluminum that matches the look of MacBook Pros and PowerBooks and also helps keep the actual laptop a bit cooler. Along with the aluminum are 2 velvet cushions the make sure the weight of your laptop doesn’t get uncomfortable after prolonged us.

In addition to being good for lap use, you can remove the front cushion and use it on your desk to give a better angle for typing and to give more circulation to keep temperatures down.

Prices range from $49.90 for the 12 inch model up to $69.90 for the 17 inch model and can be purchased here.

Booq Vyper exo Laptop Bag Review

Vyper exo XL

Back in March I sold my G5 tower in favor of the mobile life and have been using a 17″ MacBook Pro since then.

There are a plethora of bags/totes/backpacks/etc for traveling with your laptop so there was a pretty big sea of things to chose from. I’ve tried a few different bags over the past few months a must say that the bag I use now is by far my favorite.

Booq is know for their durable and sleek bags. Almost all of their bags are made out of ballistic nylon, waterproof zippers, and a hard shell with seatbelt nylon straps. These things are seriously heavy duty. I was particularly attracted to their Vyper exo line which is large enough to carry some extras with you but not so bulky that it looks like you’re carrying around a duffle bag.

Their Vyper exo line is also their first product to make use of their new Terralinq feature. Each booq bag comes with a unique ID number etched in metal and attached to your bag so that if you loose your bag (and laptop), the person who finds it just goes to the booq site and reports the bag with the unique ID. You’d then hopefully get your precious cargo back.

Booq Vyper exo XL

I lugged around my 17″ MackBook Pro all over the country in both cars and planes and must say it easily withstood the beating. It fit perfectly in under-seat airplane storage while still holding all the random extras I was carrying with my laptop.

The only thing I might change is to lower the number of extra pockets and storage areas. It seems a tad overkill to me but I’m sure others could easily put them to use.

The price tag on a Vyper exo XL (the largest size) is $195. The price can give a little bit of sticker-shock, but these really are top of the line bags that you’ll get years of use out of. 10 out 10 stars…easily.

iPhone gets toasted by laser, caught on video


I got a chance to meet Dan from UneasySILENCE a few weeks back; ironically, Dan’s very talkative for a blogger with "SILENCE" in the name….in a good way, Dan. 😉 He gave in to the hot iPhone fever, but decided to take up the heat a notch with a toaster tattoo on the back of his precious. Dan hit up Phil Torrone, a founder of ADAFruit, and for a nominal fee got his iPhone laser etched with the classic icon above. If you’ve never seen how an item is laster etched, they’ve got a minute-and-a-half video of the dizzying process. If you were mesmerized as a youngling by the movements of a dot matrix printer, this one’s for you. Nice tat’, Dan!

Hosted Exchange 101: what is it and do you need it?

Exchange_server_settingsThanks to an e-mail question from TaxMan, I wanted to give a little "Hosted Exchange 101" for a few reasons. First off TaxMan wanted to know what’s the real benefit of this e-mail solution and who it’s for. Secondly, the lack of native Exchange support is one of the few reasons I held off on an iPhone purchase and this gives me an opportunity to re-evaluate my needs. My intention here isn’t to provide an in-depth, technical overview of a hosted Exchange approach, but I’d like to give a quick high-level overview that might help readers understand if this choice is needed and viable for them.

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Palm OS- reports of its demise are greatly accurate

Treo_755pWe’ve mentioned the lingering passing of the Palm OS more than once here on jkOnTheRun.  The Palm OS has been left largely unchanged for years and with Palm jumping on the Windows Mobile bandwagon it’s no secret the OS is not going anywhere.  ComputerWorld has published a review of what is likely the last device to be released with the Palm OS, the Treo 755p.  They find the 755p to be like the Treos that came before it and find the worst part of the user experience to be, you guessed it, the aging Palm OS.  Palm needs to get away from the Treo format, sure it’s been successful for them but they are beginning to stagnate on the hardware front like they did on the OS front.  Will Palm be around much longer?

T-Mobile confirms tomorrow’s Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for Dash


I’m still busy, busy, but at least now you’ll all know one of the items I was working on this morning. We just got direct word that T-Mobile Dash customers can upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 tomorrow, May 4th, at this link. HTC was kind enough for us to get the upgrade a day early and the install process worked flawlessly; it only took about 10 minutes. The ROM flash will wipe out all of your data, installed apps & contacts, so be forewarned. Once I had the upgrade completed, I set my Dash up for Exchange synching and had my mail, contacts, appointments and tasks in just a few minutes. Oh and it’s soooo nice to see Microsoft Voice Command in there. 😉

More observations to follow as we get more hands-on time with the upgrade on the Dash; the full press-release follows.

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PC Mag: time to reinvent the laptop

Tim Bajarin of PC Magazine has penned a good article about mobile PCs and road warriors.  He is the first journalist who has written about the UMPC who seems to actually get the platform and understand the needs they are designed to meet.  More importantly he knows what he wants and he lays those needs out very succinctly and explains why most UMPCs available today won’t meet those needs.  His article is most interesting as he reminisces about mobile devices of yore such as the Poqet PC and the NEC Mobile Pro handheld PC and laments how those devices, even though they appeared 10 years ago, could almost meet his needs now.  All we need is for some enterprising OEM to refresh them with full Vista compatibility and throw in USB and WWAN for good measure.  He’s sharp enough to realize the HTC Shift may be the device that he needs and he covers that for a bit, too.  I’ll bet if he sees the new Fujitsu UMPC he’ll say "game over".  It’s a good read and highly recommended.

Johan Santana’s Pitching Secret – Sony PSP

Minnesota Twins ace pitcher recently told Sports Illustrated that he plays simulated baseball games on his Sony PSP on nights before he pitches. “Because it gives you ideas,” he told SI. “I see the scouting reports, though I don’t go by that, and in these video games you can see what the hitters have, how to approach them. It’s pretty cool.” via Dave

Former Qwest Accountant – I Didn’t Do Nothing

James Kozlowski, a former Qwest Communications accountant facing civil fraud charges and one of the seven former Qwest guys to be named in a lawsuit filed by SEC says that got all the advise from independent auditors when it came to recording fiber-optic capacity swaps.The total fraud is said to be about $3 billion in value. More at Yahoo News.

Here comes Sprint EV-DO

Engadget reports that Sprint is quietly turning on its EVDO network. Currently the service is available in Kansas City, Port Columbus International Airport, Columbus, Ohio, and the Charlotte International Airport in Charlotte, NC. Las Vegas, Raleigh-Durham, Cleveland, Des Moines, St. Louis, and New Orleans are next. You will need Sierra Wireless 580 card to access that network.