Asus VivoTab Smart Tablet blends bits of Surface Pro and RT

One look at the new Asus VivoTab Smart Tablet and you’ll swear you saw it before. It looks just like Microsoft’s Surface products. It blends some of the best features of Surface RT and Surface Pro, however; priced right, it could be a big seller.

Why laptop makers should be focusing on tablets now

First smartphones overtook traditional computer sales and now tablets are on track to outsell laptops, according to IDC, which predicts more tablets will be sold than laptops by 2015. Computer makers should be looking to where the growth is as tablets replace laptops for many.

Is the Windows 8 user experience as bad as experts say?

The usability of Microsoft Windows 8 on a tablet is so bad that one expert says he’s sticking with Windows 7 until Windows 9 arrives. After using the Surface RT, I understand, but the real issue is lumping together an OS for tablets and PCs.

Video look at Acer’s $199 C7 Chromebook: Not bad!

Google surprised many with the launch of a $199 Chromebook this week. So what’s the Acer C7 like? Overall the quality and performance is better than I expected for the price and it even has a 320 GB hard drive for those who want local storage.

Which devices use Wi-Fi hotspots the most? Not laptops…

Smartphones are use more for Wi-Fi hotspot connections as we want information from mobile devices on demand, but not by paying more for mobile broadband. Tablets are catching up to laptops in this regard too, making strong cases for hetnets, more hotspots and small cells.