The Diamond Age 2.0: De Beers opens Silicon Valley VC arm

Can diamonds be a geek’s best friend? De Beers, the global diamond conglomerate, thinks so. Element Six, a De Beers subsidiary focused on manufacturing synthetic diamonds, has opened a new venture capital office in Silicon Valley to “proselytize” the use of diamond material in tech.

Yes, the Large Hadron Collider Matters

In the age-old quest for humankind to discover the secrets of the universe, humankind has progressed today as the Large Hadron Collider successfully smashed protons by zipping the subatomic particles around a 17-mile loop at speeds 99 percent of the speed of light.

Large Hadron Collider Powered By…Apple?

If you check out the webcams at the European Organization for Nuclear Research’s CMS project, you may just observe something rather unexpected.

Although the picture below is from CERN, it’s much more akin to a boring office space than a scientific laboratory. However, look a little closer and you might notice something out of the ordinary. It seems that some of the research at CERN may be powered by Apple (s aapl).

The scientists over at CERN are doing some serious research, using data from the Large Hadron Collider for something called the Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment. While it’s not clear if this is an officially sanctioned MacBook, using Apple gear for scientific research is nothing new. Read More about Large Hadron Collider Powered By…Apple?