EU regulators remind Google what compliance with privacy law means (again)

A group of European privacy regulators has sent Google suggestions for complying with EU data protection rules. As Reuters reported Friday, the Article 29 Working Party wrote to Google CEO Larry Page to remind him that, you know, the law is the law. Various national regulators have already fined Google ineffective amounts for privacy violations, and Google received a draft of the guidelines in July. The recommendations are therefore very familiar: Have a clear privacy policy that tells people in plain language what Google does with their data and why, make sure users consciously opt in to having their data mixed and matched between services, and so on. Chance of compliance without heftier fines enabled by new legislation? Zero.

To live and die in public: That’s Twitter

Twitter is making its debut on the public markets and with that the fortunes of its founders, employees and many of its investors will change. As it crosses into adulthood, Twitter and its new owners need to remember this one thing — Twitter is us!

Privacy is the biggest of several speed bumps for Google Glass

Google Glass won’t support apps that leverage facial recognition technology due to privacy concerns, the company recently said. And privacy is one of several major challenges the cutting-edge spectacles will face as they hit the consumer market next year.

Google CEO Larry Page: Do as I say, not as I do

Google CEO Larry Page, who has been suffering from vocal cord issues, showed up at the end of the Google I/O keynote and spent some time talking about his vision of technology and took questions from the audience. And that’s when the fun started.