matchmine: Made for the Multidimensional You

matchmine logoWhen you get book recommendations from Amazon or music suggestions from, they’re based not just on your own shopping and surfing history, but on the preferences of people who like the same things you do. It’s called collaborative filtering, and it’s not always an ideal way to find new things to read, watch, or listen to.

Suggestions based on collaborative filtering can be helpful, but they can also leave you wondering where your ability to think for yourself went. One antidote can be found in the personalization approach taken by matchmine — it profiles your likes and dislikes on numerous levels, then matches that multidimensional taste profile with the characteristics of specific movies, blogs and other content.


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MusicMobs Shuts Down, Founder Joins

[qi:005] It was sort of a good-news-bad-news kind of email. Toby Padilla, founder of MusicMobs, wrote in to let me know that he was joining as VP of desktop & client software, and will be working on developing cool products for the social music company based in London. The bad news: MusicMobs, well-known for their Mobster recommendation software, was shutting down. (See, Mobster in the iTunes Hood.)
Almost four years old, MusicMobs never really hit the mainstream, even though some of us with terabytes of music always appreciated Mobster’s ability to find songs in our libraries. In many ways, it was too early to the social music game. Toby pretty much says so on

Over the last couple of years things have begun to change. … Many competitive services were launching and our own costs were starting to grow beyond our ability to support them. I ended up spending less and less time developing the site and more time looking into ways we could survive and grow into a service everyone could use.

Toby tells us all playlists are available for download. “There was just too much overlap between what I had built and what they have. It was really taxing my resources as well. I felt that I could focus 100% on creating cool products if I didn’t have to maintain the legacy codebase/site. I am a bit sad about it though,” he wrote in an email. So are we. [digg=]

MeeMix Joins the Social Music Party

MeeMix, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based social music startup, is joining competitors including MOG, and Pandora by offering music-oriented communities centered around your listening habits. I met MeeMix Founder and CEO Gilad Shlang when I visited Tel Aviv earlier this year. Shlang had articulated to me a vision of social radio that struck me as interesting, and as a result, I have followed company’s progress. They will go into public beta in a month or so, but I got an invite earlier today and tried out the service. Here are my initial (and very quick) impressions:
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