DEMO Went Great, Then “All Hell” Broke Loose.

Our friend Ben Yoskovitz, whose launch at DEMO we followed here (Presenting at DEMO: 12 Do’s. 5 Don’ts) and on GigaOM (Standout Jobs Aims to Engage), has now written a great post on what happened after his big splash at his Instigator Blog.

Ben writes: “We generated plenty of buzz, brought in some great customers and the product held up to the initial onslaught of traffic, users and feedback. And for about 1 day I felt like everything was under control. Oops…the honeymoon ended pretty darn quickly.

Trouble is, Ben explains, at pre-launch you’re focused like a laser on one all-encompassing thing. Once you hit the green light, “you’ll be running on even more paths than before.” The The post, Launching a Startup is Barely Step One, has great details, but we’ll share Ben’s 5 summary tips on how to deal with life post-launch — when “all hell breaks loose”! Read More about DEMO Went Great, Then “All Hell” Broke Loose.