Twitter sends direct message with spam lawsuit

Twitter hopes to make it safe to tweet about the iPad again. The company has filed a lawsuit against five companies that build tools for helping really annoying people spam Twitter users with shady offers and dangerous links.

Today in Mobile

Today’s must-read is this lengthy piece from Bloomberg Businessweek documenting Apple’s efforts to slow Android via the patent courts. The story focuses on Steve Jobs, of course, and his obsession with crushing the operating system that he believed Google “ripped off” from Apple. There are no unexpected blockbusters in the piece, but it’s a great look at Apple’s strategy of suing multiple players in Android’s value chain. And be extension, it’s a great look at how screwed up our patent system is.

Motorola v. Apple 3G patent suit tossed by German court

Just a week after Motorola was awarded two significant victories in a German court over Apple, the companies’ luck have changed. On Friday, a judge ruled he would not grant an injunction against Apple products on the basis of a 3G/UMTS patent claimed by Motorola.

Apple appeal seeks to broaden the impact of HTC import ban

Apple is looking to sharpen the teeth on a recent import ban it secured from the ITC against HTC smartphones, according to an appeal filing discovered Wednesday. The appeal seems to at least seek to broaden the scope of the ITC’s ruling.

Apple asks Motorola to put up $2.7B in mobile patent suit

Apple told a German court Friday that if it granted a temporary ban on some Apple products in the country for infringing a Motorola email syncing patent, $2.7 billion is the amount of money Apple could potentially lose. The judge was reportedly skeptical about the amount.

Openwave accuses Apple, RIM phones, tablets of patent infringement

Software maker Openwave filed suit with the International Trade Commission Wednesday accusing Apple and RIM mobile devices of infringing on five of mobile Internet connection patents, joining a long line mobile companies who are currently using the U.S. patent system to squeeze competitors.

Zynga hit with another patent lawsuit

Social gaming giant Zynga is the subject of a new patent infringement lawsuit, the latest in a string of such claims. Now that Zynga is under a microscope as it moves toward an IPO, will its legal troubles be too much for potential investors to handle?

HTC sues Apple over everything

HTC says nearly all Apple product lines infringe on patents it owns, and it wants compensation. On Tuesday, the Taiwan-based Android smartphone maker filed a lawsuit against Apple, saying that Macs, iPads, iPhones, iPods, AirPort, Time Capsule and Apple TV infringe on three patents it owns.

Report: iPad 3-powering A6 won’t be ready until next year

Those hoping for iPad lightning to strike twice this year might be disappointed by a new report out Friday. The A6 processor, cited as the central component for a new, more powerful iPad won’t hit the public until next year, sources say.