Kindle Fire app gains location services (without a GPS)

Kindle Fire owners wanting to include locations in their tweets can do so with the updated version of TweetCaster. Nearby tweets are available too, even though Amazon’s tablet doesn’t include a GPS radio. Instead the slate uses a Wi-Fi location solution from Boston-based Skyhook Wireless.

At f8, Facebook to jump on the NFC train

In a matter of hours, Facebook is going to host f8, its annual developer conference. By now we have all heard everything that is coming at the event. Sources say Facebook will make some sort of announcement around NFC technologies at the event as well.

Found: A useful location app for task management

As we increasingly become more mobile, not all of our to-dos are based on due-dates or times. Location is key to really getting things done. Location Aware, a free app, is a simple but effective tool for creating location-based task reminders on Google Android smartphones.

Google Maps for Android Adds a Personal Dashboard

Google today updated Maps for Android devices to version 5.3, adding a location dashboard and graphs showing the amount of time spent at work, home and out. Again, iOS users are left in the cold; it’s likely Apple will soon tell Google Maps to get lost.

Location: It’s Just a Feature

The free FLYsmart app arrives on Android devices today, offering air travelers flight tracking, gate information and airport maps with support for indoor location. Software that helps navigate inside facilities isn’t new, but as FLYsmart demonstrates, location plus other contextual services will trump navigation-only mobile apps.

Startups Stay Inside to Find Location’s Next Big Opportunity

Google, Nokia, Microsoft and others are all fighting for outdoor navigation prominence, but what about indoors? Aren’t there opportunities for consumers who want locations and indoor directories? One company thinks so and it provides navigation in malls and airports, with more venues to follow soon.

Microsoft Responds About HTC Deal– Concerned About Android

Microsoft wants to make it clear it is serious about protecting its intellectual property, and is duly concerned about infringements of it inherent in the Android platform. We received a statement from Horacio Guiterrez, the primary executive in charge of Intellectual Property and Licensing at Microsoft.

Does Location Need a Special Purpose Device?

A patent filed by Qualcomm suggests that location could be tied to a module that you could use with whatever device you want. That means location on your phone, iPod or netbook whenever you bother to insert the module. But apps makers are skeptical.

Aloqa’s LBS iPhone App Just Misses the Mark


From Loopt to FourSquare, it seems like every mobile-focused startup these days wants to hop on board the location-based application train. Aloqa launched an iPhone version of its free Android and BlackBerry application last week (the startup’s CEO, Sanjeev Agrawal, spoke during a panel at our recent Mobilize conference).

Like Geodelic, Aloqa helps you find nearby points of interest — what it calls “channels” — that you can customize according to your preferences. For example, if you’d rather get a cup of coffee from Peet’s than from Starbucks or another cafe, you can subscribe to the Peet’s channel. You’re then a tap away from pulling up a map that will guide to the store location you want to visit. Read More about Aloqa’s LBS iPhone App Just Misses the Mark

So Why Did Apple Buy a Mapping Company?

[qi:gigaom_icon_geolocation] Apple (s aapl) purchased digital mapmaker Placebase in July for an undisclosed sum, according to Seth Weintraub at Computerworld. Placebase, which we wrote about last year, is a Google (s goog) Maps competitor that focuses on adding layers of public and private data to existing maps with an easy-to-use API. One use for the product, called PolicyMap, layers various types of data — like home sales, crime or employment — over maps to help visualize data geographically. It’s big business, and the company was profitable without VC funding.┬áSo, why did Apple buy Placebase? Read More about So Why Did Apple Buy a Mapping Company?