Sharp’s 4K smartphone screens are going to be great for virtual reality

Sharp is working on a screen with a 2560 x 1600 resolution in a 4.1-inch LCD panel, which would work out to an eye-popping 736 pixels per inch. The new screens may not significantly improve your smartphone experience, but the extra pixels could end up being essential for immersive virtual reality.

Barnes & Noble’s new Nook is for reading in the dark

If you are one of the 64 percent of people who read in bed, do you need a dedicated front-lit e-reader? Yes, says Barnes & Noble, so that you don’t disturb that special someone sleeping beside you. Hence the new $139 Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight.

Guess What Could Stop the Tablet Revolution?

With 2011 shaping up to be the Year of the Tablet, securing the display components behind the looming army of tablets may be a key factor in determining success in this emerging competition as possible shortages loom for panel components.

For Plasma TVs, Being Better Isn’t Enough

PlasmaIt really doesn’t matter much whether or not plasma HDTVs have better image quality than competing LCD models. It’s a bit like arguing whether LCoS rear-projection high-definition TVs are better than LCD flat panels, or whether HD-DVD is superior to Blu-ray. It doesn’t matter, because the war is over. Just like LCoS rear-projection and HD-DVD, plasma has lost on the field of battle — the retail showroom — and arguing about it isn’t going to change the outcome.
Sure, the plasma market is still more than a dead man walking. The technology holds onto about 7 percent market share, according to DisplaySearch; in order of magnitude, that’s about the same as Apple’s hold on the personal computer market. And the forecast is for plasma to maintain roughly that same share going forward.
The problem is, you don’t survive in the technology world by standing still. Most companies rely on growth and new markets to fund the return on the mind-boggling investments that it takes just to keep a seat at the table in these games. And the LCD HDTV makers are looking at a future in which they will divvy up all the expansion in the marketplace, as well as sales that convert from the disappearing cathode ray tube (CRT) segment. Read More about For Plasma TVs, Being Better Isn’t Enough

30″ LCD Showdown: Apple vs. Dell

In my quest to upgrade an aging dual-monitor setup, a 20” main screen with a 17” screen off to the side to house application palettes, iTunes, etc., the only question in my mind was choosing between an Apple 30” Cinema Display and a Dell 30” UltraSharp Widescreen. In this article, I’m covering both monitors from an average user’s perspective – and you may be surprised what this Apple-fanatic found.

Vid-Biz: YouTube Lawsuit, AnySource, Family Guy

French Record Labels Sue YouTube; Societe Civile des Producteurs de Phonogrammes en France (SPPF) claims copyright infringement and says the video-sharing site is hosting 100 music vids from its members. (Variety)

AnySource Gets AP Content; agreement will put web video from the news organization on the TV. (release)

FOX Launches the “Freakin’ Sweet Family Guy” App; includes 20 clips from the animated show and the ability for users to make their own video mix. (Variety)

Outcast Partnering With AdtekMedia; two companies forming joint venture to control 12,600 screens on gas pumps in 15 different markets. (The New York Times)

YouTube Celebs Sign on for JetBlue Promotion; Kevin Nalts and Delphine Dijon among those hitching a free ride to L.A. and documenting their experience. (Ad Age)

Don’t Expect LCD TV Prices to Drop; DisplaySearch says panel prices are on the rise because of increased TV demand from China. (Gadgetwise)

Videosurf Lets You Search Videos Through Twitter; Tweet “@videosurf s [search term]” and the company will reply with a Tweet with results. (Videosurf Blog)

Sorry Apple Cinema Display, Your New Cousin Is a Cheaper Date

cinemaview_24I don’t think I’m alone in visiting the Apple (s aapl) Cinema Display official product page every now and again and saving carts for later filled with LED goodness, even though I never intend to cash out because I can’t afford to. Apple’s displays are sexy, functional, and of tremendous build quality, but that price tag is a little beyond my monitor budget, so I’ll usually end up opting for a Dell (s dell) that’ll give me the same real estate for far less dough. Plus, I’ll often look for something smaller than 24 inches, since I rarely do graphics-intensive work that requires a larger screen.
Recently, I’ve been looking for a second monitor for my Mac mini since the Mini DisplayPort hook-up is just sitting there empty, and I’m often inclined to play video games and watch TV at the same time, despite the question of whether I can actually enjoy either activity while doing so. New company CinemaView looks to have come along at just the right time. They recently announced a new line of LCD displays designed just for Macs, at a price that won’t break the bank, and with a Mini DisplayPort connector cable out of the box. Read More about Sorry Apple Cinema Display, Your New Cousin Is a Cheaper Date

Toshiba Sees a Bright Future for OLEDs

There isn’t a huge market for organic light-emitting diode displays right now, with the new technology only available in some small displays and demo models, but Toshiba is setting out to change that, following in the footsteps of at least one big competitor.
The company said today that it’s buying out a liquid crystal display venture it has with Panasonic (s PC) and plans to refocus the business, called Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology, on OLEDs, which are more energy efficient and thinner than liquid crystal and regular light-emitting diode displays.
Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but Toshiba said the transfer of Panasonic’s 40-percent stake will happen on April 28, when it will be renamed Toshiba Mobile Display. Set up in 2002, the venture already has some OLED operations, but mostly makes small- and medium-sized LCDs for cell phones, laptops, in-vehicle displays, and other products.
Read More about Toshiba Sees a Bright Future for OLEDs

Apple Developing Networked LCD HDTV/Apple TV Hybrid?

Perhaps tired of notebooks hogging the spotlight lately, Apple TV is the subject of new rumors that surfaced this past weekend.

Jason Calacanis is making claims that Cupertino is developing a line of network-ready HDTV’s with built-in Apple TV functionality.  The TV’s would offer the same feature-set as the current Apple TV peripheral, but would cut out the extra hardware, offering the ability to stream your content directly from any Mac or PC on your local network.
Read More about Apple Developing Networked LCD HDTV/Apple TV Hybrid?

Vid-Biz: Hard Times, AT&T, The Office

Washington Post Launches Economic Web Series; Hard Times examines the financial hardships hitting people across the country. (WashingtonPost)
AT&T Partnering with Retail Chains; telco to sell its U-verse service through 600 Circuit City and Wal-Mart retail stores. (GigaOM)
The Office Inspires New Chocolate Rain; in last week’s episode, Steve Carrell’s character talked about being obsessed with a video of Cookie Monster singing Tay Zonday’s viral hit. That particular mashup didn’t exist — until now. (Videogum)

LCD Sales to Reach $110 Billion by 2012; LCD TVs to become the largest consumer electronics market by that time, according to iSuppli. (release)
Dr. Horrible‘s Evil League Applicants Online; fans of the web series post videos detailing all their eeee-vil attributes. (io9)
Verizon FiOS TV Gets Casual Games; customers get a raft of new video services including games like Chess and Sudoku. (release)