Who wins and who loses if AT&T-Mo fails?

AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile seems all but dead. If the deal falls through mobile operators stand to gain or lose depending on which of side of the battle lines the stand. The biggest losers, however, aren’t necessarily AT&T and T-Mobile.

Q1 Wireless Scorecard: What Verizon iPhone Effect?

The iPhone’s debut on Verizon Wireless in January was one of the most anticipated moments for many consumers and wireless lovers. But it turns out the launch wasn’t bad news for most rival carriers. Take a look at how they fared in Q1.

Leap’s Cricket Adds Tiered Data to Lineup

Leap Wireless has implemented new data plans today that more closely tie the price of mobile broadband to how much data a user consumes. However, instead of overage fees for users who exceed their plan, Leap will slow down their service much like T-Mobile does.

MetroPCS’s Next Challenge: Woo Postpaid Users

MetroPCS’s quarterly profit beat expectations, an indication that the carrier is holding its own in the brutal prepaid market. But if it can begin to lure postpaid consumers instead of poaching users of other prepaid services, it could begin to truly separate itself from the pack.

Mobile Industry Dances Toward Consolidation

Rumors of a merger between Leap Wireless and MetroPCS are flying once again, signaling a rush to consolidation among the second- and third-tier players in the space. But is T-Mobile USA a better fit for MetroPCS than its prepaid rival?