Zettaset claims Intel lied, cheated and stole its Hadoop software

According to a complaint filed by Zettaset, Intel’s Hadoop management software is so similar to Zettaset’s flagship Orchestrator product that “trying to run Zettaset on top of Intel is akin to trying to put a key into a lock already occupied by a key.”

How California’s new ‘do-not-track’ law will hurt consumers


Law professor and blogger Eric Goldman drops some knowledge on the ineffectiveness and, one could argue, innovation-hindering effects on these types or privacy laws. I think regulation is a good idea, but it must be flexible and it should be paired with better public education so consumers can make informed choices. I’d rather websites spend money protecting my data or asking me at the time of collection whether they can use data for ads.

These are the 4 most important tech issues for lawmakers to solve

When U.S. lawmakers and policy experts get tired of fighting ideological battles over the past, they might want to put a little effort into helping improve the country’s future. Here are four technology issues that could help improve the economy and outline Americans’ digital rights.

A new web tool lets you compare the world’s constitutions

The Comparing Constitutions Project has launched new web tool called Constitute, which lets users search their way through the world’s constitutions by keyword or theme. Not only is the tool handy for gathering info on international laws, but it’s also indicative of how the web can ease access to valuable data via nice interfaces masking lots of complicated data-prep work. The organization’s website has lots of other constitutional data and visualizations, too.

CloudFlare CEO: ‘Insane’ NSA gag order is costing U.S. tech firms customers


Yup. Makes me wonder if the tech companies that have been lobbying for Patriot Act reform over the past few years were doing so in part to get out from under the NSA’s thumb. Policy discussions were always couched in geopolitical language, but they must have foreseen the backlash even from U.S. customers if word ever got out about what was up.