Minecraft creations meet the real world through augmented reality iOS app

Minecraft Reality, co-developed by ‘computer vision’ firm 13th Lab and Mojang, lets fans of the hugely successful game upload their creations into the real world for others to see. And this isn’t some floaty gimmick – we’re talking positioning with sub-centimeter accuracy.

Toys meet tech: augmented reality to play out at Toy Fair

Does your kid want to play with unicorns? You might want to check out the goods at next week’s Toy Fair in New York, where toy makers will show off the latest-and-greatest augmented reality technology that animates once-static games, books, and toys.

Hey Google, have you seen the LEGO Street View robot?

For those who ever wanted their own Street View car, similar to Google’s camera on wheels used to capture images for Google Maps, there’s now a small robotic version made out of LEGOs. It’s another example of the growing opportunities that connectivity and sensors bring us.

Need to stress test an iPad app? Build a LEGO robot!

What’s an iOS app developer to do when a client asks to have a mobile app stress tested by snapping 10,000 images from an Apple iPad? Hiring an intern is one way to solve the problem, but building a LEGO robot might be the better option.

LEGO Launches Robot-Controlling Android App

There really is an app for everything now that LEGO has released software that turns an Android handset into a wireless remote control for robots. MINDroid uses a wireless Bluetooth connection and phone accelerometer to send commands to a robot with the flick of a wrist.

Vid-Biz: Brightcove, The Lake, Lego

Brightcove Partners with Livestream; the two companies have developed a way for customers to incorporate pre-recorded live video streams into Brightcove’s system, or use its players for new, live streams. (Contentinople)
The Lake Gets Johnson & Johnson Sponsorship; it’s reportedly a six-figure deal for the Generate show. (MediaWeek)
Lego Rejects Use of Spinal Tap Video; toy company says a UGC stop-motion video for the song “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight” can’t be part of the concert DVD. (The New York Times)

Verizon Releases DVR Updates; FiOS Media Manager connects customers’ PCs to their TVs for photo and video viewing; and customers with Net-enabled phones can now remotely manage their DVRs. (emailed release)
300 Million DLNA-Certified Components to Ship by 2012; up from 83 million last year; growth spurred by web-connected TVs. (Video Business)
Berliner Philharmoniker to Webcast 33 Concerts Live; the Digital Concert Hall series opens Aug. 28; full season subscription costs $209. (http://dch.berliner-philharmoniker.de/)

Shoulda Known: Giant LEGO Boulder a Fake?

The tricks being used by viral marketing campaigns are getting more and more transparent these days, but I still got fooled occasionally: most recently by the folks at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, who may have been revealed as the producers of Giant LEGO Boulder:

What’s embarrassing about this latest failure of my viral marketing detector (the ViralAdVid 3000, patent pending) is that not only did I forget about the previously established relationship between LEGO and LucasArts, I recently acquired the newest Indiana Jones box set, which prominently features a trailer for the new LEGO Indiana Jones game. I thus should have been suspicious when presented with any combination of brown fedoras and plastic blocks, especially in a short with purposefully low production value.
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