New Study Says Apple is Most Reliable, Not Asus

Last month, I reported the results of a study detailing notebook reliability numbers. Many commenters disagreed with the results of the study by U.S. warranty company SquareTrade, and provided excellent reasons for doing so. Today, another study reinforces the opinion unsurprisingly shared by many of our readers; namely, that Apple (s aapl) is indeed the top computer maker when it comes to reliability.

The new study, by Rescuecom, which is a U.S. firm specializing in computer repair, puts Apple at the top of the list when ranking computer makers. Previous studies by the repair franchise had seen Asus take the top spot, in keeping with the results of the SquareTrade study, but the most recent numbers (Q3 2009) show Apple with a commanding lead, according to Electronista.

Why PC Makers Will Make Android King

As Lenovo steps back into the mobile business, it’s becoming clear that Android will democratize the hardware for mobile phones allowing the PC makers (both Dell and Acer are using it) to make a compelling handsets and put the hurt on traditional handset makers.

Tinfoil Hats! All the DTV Conspiracies Fit to Print

We’re in the midst of the national digital television switch, an apparent source of inspiration for conspiracy theorists, who are coming out with warnings that DTV will result in big brother-like surveillance, mind control, weather control and even…(dunh, dunh, DUNH!) a massive destructo-beam!

The DTV switch has all sorts of ingredients that make for a hearty conspiracy stew: It was forced upon us by the government, it involves “beaming” and “transmitting” things, and it works through the television, a device found in just about every freedom-loving American’s home.

Worried yet? Well maybe THIS will convince you. A man claims to have found a camera and microphone hidden within his Magnavox DTV converter box!

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Why Netbooks Are Greener Than Laptops

It was just over a year ago that small, low-cost netbooks hit the market, and since then they’ve become one of the hottest technology trends of 2008, with the top two vendors in the space — Asus and Acer — predicting they’ll sell 11 million devices this year. While the tiny laptops may be the computer equivalent of a second home for many of the early adopters, they also offer a greener alternative than most of the full-featured laptops available to on-the-go buyers, thanks to lower power demands, fewer toxic components, and a resource-efficient approach to computing. Read More about Why Netbooks Are Greener Than Laptops

NewTeeVee Live: Felicia Day of The Guild

Felicia Day, the creator of The Guild and star of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, talked today about how different the world of Hollywood and the web are. Speaking at the NewTeeVee Live conference she said there’s a complete disconnect between the two worlds and told aspiring webisode creators to make sure they understand the difference between the two mediums. For her, the web is about showing real life for real people, rather than the artifice and perfection shown by Hollywood.
Day did not talk much about Season Two of The Guild, but did say it has been filmed for the last 10 weeks funded by fan donations and proceeds from The Guild Season One DVD sales. She declined to say how many DVDs had sold (in the thousands), but has gotten to the point where she no longer has to package and mail them herself. Read More about NewTeeVee Live: Felicia Day of The Guild

Sprint’s Xohm Network is Only Half Open

Today marks the formal launch of Sprint’s Xohm network, and celebrants are gathered in Baltimore to show off their new WiMAX-enabled gadgets. But after chatting with an executive from Lenovo, I wonder just how open Sprint’s network will be, and how that lack of true openness might slow the adoption of WiMAX.

Lenovo is on hand showing of its five laptops designed for Sprint’s WiMAX network, including the super-sleek x300 that competes with the MacBook Air. David Critchley, worldwide segment manager with Lenovo, said the x300 was supposed to launch last spring with WiMAX inside, but Sprint’s delays nixed that plan. Critchley expected that Lenovo would have the most WiMAX enabled products ready to launch today, in part because it had been preparing for WiMAX for so long, enabling it to get hardware ready in time for testing. He called Sprint’s testing pipeline “narrow,” and expected others to only have one or two devices ready for launch. Read More about Sprint’s Xohm Network is Only Half Open

The Daily Sprout

BioPetroClean Raises $5M for Bugs to Clean Water: Israeli water tech startup BioPetroClean has raised a second round of funding from 21 Ventures for its tailored bacterial “cocktails” which eat up waterborne impurities – Globes via VentureBeat.

Segway Inventor, Nokia to Launch Eco-Developer Contest: Seqgway inventor Dean Kamen has teamed up with Nokia to launch a triumvirate of eco-development contests designed to improve access to health and energy services in the developing world – CNet.

Military Contracts EnerDel With $4M for Batteries: Indianapolis-based battery developer EnerDel says it has gotten a $4 million contract from the Department of Defense to research and develop high-energy, lightweight batteries for unmanned aerial vehicles – Cleantech Group.

Who Doesn’t Want Greener, Better Batteries? A study released by lithium-ion battery maker Boston-Power has found that over a third of consumers are willing to pay more for a more environmentally friendly battery for their notebook – Press Release.

Lenovo Show Off Energy Efficient Monitors: Lenovo showed off six next-gen, high efficiency ThinkVision monitors which use LEDs to reduce energy consumption 30 to 60 percent oer previous models – Press Release.

PC Makers Give Storage Startups a Boost

On Sunday, I wrote that online back-up services are much in demand from consumers who are worried about their digital data. David Friend, CEO of Carbonite, told us that he wouldn’t be surprised that in a few years “almost every PC is going to ship with online backup built-in.” Seems like he was being super-conservative, and his vision might come to life sooner than we think, thanks to two announcements that hit the wires this week.

Dell today announced a partnership with, where it is bundling 2 GB of free storage with the newly announced Dell Netbook. Premium services will be available for upgrade at a discount. I think it is $99 a year for 25 GB of space. Earlier this week, Mozy announced a partnership with Lenovo, the Chinese company that makes and sells laptops under the ThinkPad brand. Mozy service will be bundled with the new Lenovo ThinkPad SL series laptops, and people will get 5 GB storage for free for 90 days. The next step, as David said, would be to have seamless back-up without worrying about space and dealing with software installations. Lenovo is offering unlimited online backup, so the Lenovo customer doesn’t have to worry about space issues, a Mozy spokesperson emailed and let us know. For now this unlimited online backup is going to cost $79.99 but will then go to $99 a year. 

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