We are all bandwidth hogs now

Last year demand for bandwidth rose by 40 percent, and much of that demand is now coming from all over the world, not just in developed countries.

Akamai returns to roots, taps founder as new CEO

Akamai’s 8-month search for a new CEO didn’t take it too far: It tapped co-founder and chief scientist Tom Leighton to succeed Paul Sagan, who announced his intention to leave last April. Now Sagan will cede the CEO slot on January 1.

Level 3 concurs: Comcast appears to be prioritizing traffic

Comcast may have given users a break on Thursday by raising its monthly data cap to 300 GB, but Level 3, the backbone Internet provider and content delivery network, wants people to know that Comcast is still likely prioritizing its Xfinity traffic over others’.

6 Bizarre causes for optical cables damage

Every so often we hear about a network outage thanks to some completely non-technology reason: A truck rammed into a pole or backhoe cut the cable. Here are some of the top bizarre reasons why optical fibers are cut (and result in network disruption.)