LevelUp arms merchants with white label payment apps

LevelUp is expanding its reach with a white label tool that lets merchants build their own custom app that uses LevelUp for payments and loyalty. That can help LevelUp appeal to merchants who want to offer a branded app but still connect to LevelUp’s network.

LevelUp hedges its bets, supports NFC payments

LevelUp is showing NFC some love by replacing its existing payment docks with NFC-enabled hardware. Now instead of just paying by QR code, LevelUp users can initiate payments with a tap of their phone.

Revel Systems looks to outfit the iGrocery store

A barista inputing your coffee preference via an iPad isn’t new. But the simplicity of touch-screen and cloud-based checkout could be a revelation for grocery owners used to paying tens of thousands of dollars for point of sale systems and the required training for them.

LevelUp declares payment war, kills interchange fee for merchants

LevelUp, a Boston-based loyalty and payment startup, is laying down the gauntlet to other payment competitors by doing away with processing fees forever in what it calls a bid to achieve “Interchange Zero.” It will only make money from selling offers and loyalty services.

LevelUp adds $12M to build out payment service

LevelUp, the local loyalty and payment app, is getting $12 million to expand the service nationwide. The service, which is an offshoot of location start-up SCVNGR, now has 200,000 users, who are spending $2 million a month with the app.

How payment startup LevelUp is taking a page from Starbucks

LevelUp, a loyalty program that built its own Starbucks-style payment system, is now doing $1 million in transactions a month. It’s growing by marrying payments with loyalty and deals. And it’s showing that there will be more payment options that Google Wallet and Isis.

LevelUp adds mobile payments for renewed local deals push

LevelUp, the daily deal play from location-based service SCVNGR, is making another go of it, this time with a credit-based structure that utilizes a new mobile payment system built by SCVNGR. The service is now expanding beyond Boston and Philadelphia to New York and San Francisco.