Exclusive: Comcast casts its lot with OpenStack

The nation’s biggest broadband and cable provider is joining the OpenStack effort, just in time for it’s big coming out party in San Diego next week. Comcast is also working with Cisco on applications that can build on that open-source infrastructure.

Cisco buys vCider to boost its distributed cloud vision

vCider’s virtual networking smarts will help Cisco build distributed cloud infrastructure that ties into its own Open Networking Environment. The move is seen as a counter to VMware’s acquisition of Nicira.

Fat databases, small pipes: The problem of data inertia

As datasets get fatter and cumbersome, it’s becoming harder to move them around. Even the fattest pipes look like cocktail straws when you’re talking about petabyte databases. It’s getting more and more difficult to move these massive troves of data to the applications that use them.

The future of the cloud, as seen by Cisco

The future of the cloud is a programmable network with applications that are smarter about using resources, said Lew Tucker, VP and CTO of Cloud Computing for Cisco at Structure 2011 in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Former Sun Techie Is Now Cisco’s Cloud CTO

The big buzz at our Structure 2010 pre-event event was about Lew Tucker, Sun Microsystems’ CTO & VP of Cloud Computing, joining Cisco Systems as the new CTO of Cisco’s fledgling cloud efforts. I’m being told the news is going to be announced very soon.