Green Campaign Watch: Obama Energy Attack Ad, McCain’s “Lexington” Flub & More Americans Care About Energy

Independence Day weekend might be over but the presidential candidates are still debating energy independence. The Republicans have gone on the offensive and launched an attack ad aimed at Obama’s energy plan. However, their candidate McCain seems to have trouble pronouncing the name of his own energy plan. Meanwhile, the idea of offshore drilling is becoming more popular with the public but still divides the candidates.

Republicans Launch Energy Attack Ad: The Republican National Committee put into circulation their first attack ad on Sunday; they’re running it in the projected battlegrounds of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. This will likely be the first of many such ads, energy being a defining issue between the two candidates.

McCain Repeatedly Flubs “Lexington Project”: In naming his energy plan the “Lexington Project,” McCain hopes to evoke the idea that we must assert our energy independence in the same manner we fought for our national independence. Problem is, the presumptive Republican nominee has difficultly saying “Lexington Project.” McCain has repeatedly tripped over the name of his own energy plan (check the NYTimes’s strangely Daily Show-esque video), raising doubts about his ability to hold his own against Obama’s famed oratory.

More Americans Make Energy Exploration Top Priority, Poll Says: A new poll from the Pew Research Center says that 47 percent of respondents think energy exploration, drilling and the building of new power plants should be the country’s top priority. This is up from 35 percent just five months ago, when energy prices were much lower. McCain has come out in favor of lifting the federal moratorium on offshore drilling while Obama has called such a tactic a “gimmick” and argued that it won’t provide long-term relief.

Coworking or Noworking?

The New York Times continues its love affair with the notion of coworking with last Friday’s Working Alone in a Group by Lisa Belkin.

Quickly realizing her home is not conducive to a productive working environment, Belkin experimented with coworking at Stamford CT’s Soundview Coworking, (actually a little more formal than regular coworking spaces, probably due to it’s location inside a lounge at the local Marriott).

Belkin goes on to explore some of the downside of coworking, relating the story of Cubes & Crayons founder M. F. Chapman:

“I wasn’t getting any work done when I was there,” because clients wanted to stop and chat. When she has real work, she now heads home.“

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Vimeo Founder Jakob Lodwick Leaves

Vimeo founder Jakob Lodwick, the founder and public face of the video-sharing site that emerged as part of IAC buying and financing Connected Ventures/CollegeHumor, has left the company entirely, he announced on his personal blog today. (Update: see below; he’s not the only Vimeo exec to have left.) Under a picture of himself and a bong, Lodwick wrote,

Act II will follow a brief intermission

As of an hour ago, I am no longer affiliated with IAC/InterActiveCorp/Connected Ventures/Vimeo. No hard feelings!

Goodbye to everyone at CV; you are wonderful and I will miss you.

And now, I will turn off my cell phone for the evening and catch up with everyone later!

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Free App Friday: Ascendo DataVault for BlackBerry

Dv3bblistviewHandango continues to offer Free App Friday and since today is… well, Friday… there’s something waiting for BlackBerry owners. Ascendo DataVault is the free software du jours, so head over to Handango if you’re interested and have a compatible device.DataVault looks to take an eWallet / FlexWallet approach for securing your personal data with AES: credit card numbers, bank accounts, size of the spouse’s unmentionable undergarments; you know, the important things in life. There’s a whole list of the many features and functions on Ascendo’s site well worth checking out for the ‘Berry in your life.