Reports: Syria is cut off from the internet and how it may have happened

Syria, which is engaged in a citizen revolt, has been cut off from the Internet according to several reports. This tactic isn’t all that difficult implement and is becoming more common, making the need for new open source technologies for wireless communications necessary.

Libya, BART and tethering: Understanding the web’s weak points

From this weekend’s news over Libya’s intermittent access to the web to last week’s drama over San Francisco’s public transportation agency shutting down wireless access during a protest, knowing where the web is at its weakest can help citizens agitate for change or protect their rights.

Libyans Turn to YouTube to Circumvent Media Blackout

Libya is blocking access to YouTube, and border guards have started to frisk people for camera phones. Still, plenty of clips from within the country show up online, offering us a glimpse at a country in turmoil that has been off limits to traditional journalists.