Flash: Sucking the Life Out of Your MacBook Air Battery

Steve Jobs has repeatedly insisted that Flash is a resource-hog. A review of the 11-inch MacBook Air conducted by Ars Technica shows he’s quite right. The new Air shows a drop in battery life with Flash installed, at a cost of around two hours of use.

Weekly App Store Roundup: Jan. 31, 2009


Good Saturday and a Happy Weekend to one and all, it’s time to sit down, relax and wrap your big eyes round this week’s App Store Roundup.

This week on TheAppleBlog, we got in there super fast with an in-depth look at iMovie ’09, iPhoto ’09 and iWeb ’09. Of particular note was our very own Liam Cassidy describing iWeb as an, “embarrassing, backward cousin,” to the breathtaking updates of iMovie and iPhoto.

And in other news, Darrell Etherington reported on rumblings from two separate sources about a potential new iPhone.

With some of the week’s most notable news out of the way, let’s roll on to our weekly App Store Roundup.

This week I’ve been looking at Distant Shores, Sax Man, Photo fx and LifeTicker.
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Just How Connected Are You?

A press release that Nokia sent out overnight caught my eye:

More than half of working Americans – 53 percent – have been interrupted by a work-related phone call or email while in the bathroom…. Twenty-four percent have allowed a call or email to interrupt them while in the throes of passion, and 23 percent while on a date. That may be because most working Americans – 59 percent – never turn off their mobile device.

Nokia claims that these numbers (collected from an online survey) are representative of US adults with a 4.4% margin of error. Of course, they have a technology pitch for tools that are supposed to help you maintain a better work-life balance, but it’s those raw numbers that fascinate me.
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Leaked Pilots Help Predict Fall Season Cancellations

If only Fox had listened to us. Back in June, we looked at the popularity of leaked TV show pilots to get a sense of what we have to expect this fall season. One of the shows we wrote about was Do Not Disturb, a sitcom about a hotel in New York that was directed by Jason Bateman. File sharers responded to the leaked pilot with the verdict “early cancellation.” And guess what? Do Not Disturb was canceled after only three episodes as the first show of the fall season.

Do Not Disturb wasn’t the only show that saw its pilot leak early. It’s safe to assume that at least some of these leaks were intentional, and they’ve shown to be pretty good indicators of the popularity of a show once it reaches the airwaves. Of course, online hits don’t always get great ratings on TV and vice versa. Episodes of Arrested Development are still doing pretty well on torrent sites, and it probably wasn’t just the DVD sales that compelled Fox to give Family Guy another chance. So how are this falls hits and misses doing on file sharing networks?

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Mac 101: Open Mutiple Files in Preview Simultaneously

When I have a large photo set I would like to look at in OS X the quickest and easiest way is to open them with Preview. Unfortunately, when you click on one picture that is in the same folder as the rest of the pictures, Preview doesn’t automatically recognize the photo is a part of a set and let you scroll through them all at once (you have to open each one individually).

To open photos as a set in Preview all you have to do is:

  1. Highlight all of them (click the first picture in the set and while holding shift click the last photo in the set)
  2. Right click on them
  3. Chose “Open with” > Preview

NTV Demos the Zv

The ZvBox is one of the many contenders looking to bring Internet content to your TV set. It basically turns your oldteevee into a remote desktop that lets you watch anything from PC on your TV (see our previous coverage).

But instead of just reading about it, let Brian Mahony, Zv’s vice president of marketing, give you a quick demo of the Zv in action:

Because the demo PC at the show didn’t have Netflix or the plug-in to watch a streaming HD version of something like Lost installed, it’s tough to get a complete first impression. Content from Hulu looked blocky, and the remote with the trackpad built in seemed to be a little flaky, but from the looks of it, the service does what it says it will.

Having a box that can get anything off your PC and isn’t tied to specific content relationships definitely has its appeal, unlike iTunes, for instance, which doesn’t have The Office after NBC pulled it from the service. But Zv’s $499 price point still seems steep and probably won’t get me to cut my cable quite yet.

Homebrewed 32GB SSD drive, around $530


So you want a flash-based hard drive solution for your notebook or UMPC but you don’t want to spend four-figures to do it. No prob if your device takes a 2.5-inch IDE drive. Just nab this 44-pin Compact Flash adapter from Addonics for $30. Then, do some on-line shopping for two 16 GB Compact Flash cards; I found ’em on Amazon (affiliate link) for $249.99 each. Pop the CF cards in the adapter, replace your hard drive and you’re set. Anybody up for dropping the $530 to let us know how it performs?

(via Gizmodo)