Yottaa gets $9M to speed up more websites

Yottaa, the startup which aims to accelerate website performance, netted $9 million in Series B funding from existing investors General Catalyst Partners, Stata Venture Partners and Cambridge West Ventures as well as some new-but-unnamed backers. That company will use the new funding to bankroll customer recruitment..

This is what it looks like when a $6.6B company pivots

Akamai’s latest product lets operators take over their own content delivery network, using Akamai’s software but not its boxes. This is a huge change in Akamai’s business. The shift and the reasons for it offer clues about the evolution and domestication of the web.

World IPv6 switch-over event scheduled for June 6

The Internet Society is organizing a pow wow of big ISPs, web companies and networking equipment providers on June 6 to ceremonially bury the world’s current Internet protocol, IPv4, and permanently implement its successor, IPv6.

OpenDNS and Google team to speed up the web

A few million Americans may find their YouTube requests get delivered faster on Tuesday as Google, OpenDNS, VeriSign and several content delivery networks announce Global Internet Speed Up effort. It’s another way to make content routing at the edge of the network smarter.

Inside Akamai and the scary future of streaming video

When we watch YouTube or stream TV through a Boxee, the assumption is that aside from some buffering, the experience will be fine. But add live content and interactive elements to those video streams, and it gets complicated. A new paper shows us how complicated.

AT&T reboots its CDN for more capacity and storage

AT&T is making another big push into the CDN market, leveraging its existing network infrastructure along with CDN software from Edgecast to offer content delivery services to its large base of Fortune 1000 clients. The new offering will include a massive boost in capacity and storage.

The biggest market you’ve never heard of

As millions of consumers gained access to the Internet, new market opportunities emerged. But today, content is so heavy, and networks so overburdened, that more efficient use of the network is a critical behavior. This provides a new market opportunity for content optimization and CDNs.