Hard News Pays Better Than Fluff — or Does It?

A study has drawn attention in media circles by suggesting that stories on “serious topics” such as the Gulf oil spill draw more revenue for media outlets than stories about celebrities like Lindsay Lohan. But the reality is a little more complicated than the study suggests.

Lindsay Lohan: See, I Can Laugh at Myself!

Showing you have a sense of humor about yourself is the new rehab!

Lindsay Lohan, the starlet who even Perez Hilton thinks is spiraling out of control, hits Funny or Die today to plead that she’s in on the joke. And it’s actually pretty funny!
Lohan chooses the eHarmony dating profile gag as her profile-raiser of choice (most recently done to great effect for Kim Jong Il), though that service’s homophobia might not be completely fitting with her dating preferences. Her teleprompter reading style makes it oddly reminiscent of a campaign commercial.

“So if you think you can handle a redhead with a little bit of sass, and by that I mean, a redhead that’s…crazy. I mean, don’t pretend you don’t know me. We’ve all read about it.”