F5 Networks goes SDN, buys LineRate Systems

F5 has bought LineRate Systems for an undislosed amount of money. The rationale seems pretty clear: F5 is a legacy hardware vendor trying to ride the wave of software disruption by purchasing one of the startups leading it.

Software: The new networking paradigm

VMware’s planned acquisition of Nicra for $1.25 billion represents the evolution of networking beyond the hardware-dominated point of view that has sustained the industry for decades. Here’s what that means for startups in the networking realm as well as for the industry giants.

LineRate Systems takes on networking gear with software

The rapidly changing world of networking has surfaced another startup. This one, a four-year-old company called LineRate Systems, has built software the helps deliver services on top of virtualized networks. It has raised $5.4 million so far to bring more commodity gear to networking.