Dinosaur alert: Irish newspapers desperately trying to charge for links

The body that represents Ireland’s major newspapers says a charity group’s website should pay substantial licensing fees for simply linking to its members’ content — and it is also lobbying to have the country’s copyright laws define the simple act of linking as copyright infringement.

Why links matter: Linking is the lifeblood of the web

Many online media outlets continue to rewrite news without providing a link to the original source, but doing this is both rude and short-sighted: Linking is one of the fundamental underpinnings of the internet and a crucial part of the culture of the web.

Bitly responds to criticism, restores simple URL shortening

After getting pelted with complaints from users about its redesign, Bitly has responded and has restored some of the simple URL shortening that made it popular to begin with. The link shortening function is easier to find and much faster to use.

Create a seamless workspace for greater productivity

Our “workspace” is no longer just an office, it’s come to mean the entirety of how we get our work done. We need a seamless workspace to focus on our work; our tools and practices should allow us to flow from activity to activity.

Links: Not Just the Currency of the Web, but the Soul

Author Nicholas Carr has argued that hyperlinks in online content impose a “cognitive load” on readers that distracts them and makes them less capable of understanding what they are reading. But Salon founder Scott Rosenberg says that links are the heart and soul of the web.

The Most Important Question Web Workers Can Ask

“Hey, where did you find that link?”

I’m beginning to think that this question is the most important that those of us who work online can ask. Every day, I stumble across content that intrigues me, makes me think, or changes the way I do things.