What developers need to know about OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion looks to improve on Lion with UI refinements and some significant changes for developers. Most of those changes appear to be out in the cloud. Here’s a list of changes that Apple is rolling out, and how they will affect developers.

Hands on with Messages for Mac

One of the new features of OS X Mountain Lion, coming this summer, is Messages for Mac, which replaces iChat. Apple’s iMessage service is available as a beta version to download for use with OS X Lion today. Here are our first impressions.

BusyCal, what iCal for Lion should have been

Unhappy with Lion’s new iCal interface? You’re not alone. While some fixes exist, I’ve found BusyCal not only retains all the good stuff from iCal for Snow Leopard, but also adds many new features that make it a great purchase for anyone.

Quick tip: Tame your mouse on OS X Lion

You may have found that since upgrading to OS X Lion, your browsing experience with Safari has changed slightly. Your web page could be jumping out at you for no obvious reason due to increased touch sensitivity. Here are some possible fixes.

Tips and tricks: Mac OS X Mail 5

In this instalment of tips and tricks, we’ll be focusing on Mail 5, the new version that ships with Lion. There are a number of changes to the app that you might not be aware of, and some handy trips from past versions that still apply.

Lion 101: System Preferences

System Preferences are the motivational speakers of your operating system. Don’t like something? The OS gives you the power to change! I’m not going to list every preference, but I am going to tell which choices you can make will have the greatest impact.

First Lion update fixes bugs in MacBook Air, Mac mini

The first update to Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.7 operating system is out now, and there’s a special update just for owners of a MacBook Air or Mac mini loaded with Lion, including fixes for issues related to flickering screens, booting problems and SD cards.

Mac OS X Lion USB drive now on sale for the broadband-challenged

Have you been waiting on Mac OS X Lion because you don’t have a broadband connection? Then today’s your (sort of) lucky day. Apple introduced the OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive to the online Apple Store, but it comes with a premium price tag: $69.

4 useful tips for working with OS X Lion’s Launchpad

Launchpad, the new app launcher in Mac OS X Lion, can be useful for hunting down apps you don’t use very often. However, sometimes it can feel bloated and difficult to navigate. Here are a few tips to make Launchpad a bit easier to work with.