Liquid metal batteries (Ambri) makes The Colbert Report

Ambri (formerly called Liquid Metal Battery) gets the spotlight on The Colbert Report in an interview this week. Watch the video on this startup that was created by an MIT Professor and which has backing from Bill Gates, Khosla Ventures, oil company Total and ARPA-E.

Bill Gates-backed Liquid Metal Battery is now . . . Ambri

Liquid Metal Battery — a promising battery startup backed by Bill Gates, Khosla Ventures and oil giant Total — has changed it’s name to Ambri, a shorter and less literal word that’s a nod to Cambridge, where the company was founded.

Ted Talk [video]: Donald Sadoway on battery breakthroughs

MIT Professor Donald Sadoway’s lectures were good enough to convince Bill Gates to invest in his startup called Liquid Metal Battery. Now you can watch a glimpse of a mini lecture by Sadoway, because the TED conference just released his TED talk. It’s worth a watch!

Bill Gates: We need crazy energy entrepreneurs

We need “energy miracles,” in at least five areas, and in each of these areas “we need at least two hundred crazy people who think their idea alone can solve this,” said Bill Gates at the Wall Street Journal’s Eco:nomics conference on Thursday night.

The story of how Bill Gates discovered (& backed) a battery startup

Investors and entrepreneurs don’t always connect via the standard VC pitch. According to Phil Giudice, the CEO of a battery startup called Liquid Metal Battery, his company found their most high profile investor, Bill Gates, through a more unusual way: the classroom.